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05-27-02, 06:01 PM
Tahir was kneeling at the base of his bed, trying to say his nightly prayers. However, his mind kept drifting back to Naava. He could not help but to focus on her almost mystical eyes, her perfect smile - on the one perfect moment the spent together. Tahir could not explain what it was he was feeling, but the emotion consumed him. His stomach felt jittery almost sickly, he found a bit more difficulty in breathing, light headed, and an almost subconscious smile was on his face. Tahir stood up with wobbly knees and started to climb into bed. Then he heard a knock against the shudder on his window, followed by another one on the wall next to it. Tahir curiously lifted the shudder and a rock through the opening. Tahir stepped back, but then looked out to see Naava. She was wearing the exact same earth toned tunic and skirt she had on earlier, only now with a vest bundled around her for warmth. Tahir was overcome by exultation. He did not change out of his night shirt, he just threw on a pair of old work pants and snuck out of his home for the clandestine and unplanned meeting with Naava.
Naava was not sure what she was doing as she stood outside the house of the Goatherd’s son Tahir on the crisp autumn evening. For the past several hours since their gaze had parted, Naava could not get the thought of the boy out of her head. At first she did not even know his name. Her father told her that he believed it was Tahir. What a lovely name Naava thought to herself. She did not know why she felt the overwhelming urge to see him again. Maybe it was just because she wanted to find out what was happening to her emotionally. It seemed that every time that she thought of Tahir, Naava’s stomach got butterflies, her breath shallower, her head lighter, and her general demeanor more jubilant. Naava had never felt like this before. So Naava decided to sneak out and walk to his home in the country. Sneaking out of her adopted father’s house was nothing new, Naava did it all the time. She would often walk through the countryside of Fande’ in the moonlight by the compelling of some unknown subconscious urge. Naava nervously and heavily breathed out as she saw Tahir emerge from the humble stone house. She could see and sense the nervousness in his walk. It was strangely comforting to Naava. She felt that perhaps he was as nervous and confused as she. She also noticed that he was trying hard to suppress a radiant smile. She then, quite to her surprise, realized that she was doing the same. Naava took a few steps to Tahir and both young adults waited for the other to say something, which lead to an agonizing-awkward silence. They both released a nervous chuckle and simultaneously said “Hello”.
More awkward silence followed, and then Naava blurted out quite fast “I, I just wanted to properly thank you for . . . for what you did for me today. So . . . thank you.”
The ever humble Tahir weakly smiled and lowered his gaze to the ground as he meekly spoke up, “It was just the honorable thing to do.”
Tahir slowly raised his eyes back to Naava’s. Naava then gave into her urges and pecked Tahir on the cheek. The level of happiness, wonder, and shock that ran through Tahir at the moment cannot be adequately be put into words.
Tahir, despite his nervousness and the awkwardness he felt asked “Would you care to go for a walk?”
Naava smiled and sighed out a lot of her nervousness “I would like that very much.”
The two young romantics spent the entire night walking all throughout the rocky countryside. They told each other all about themselves. They talked about anything and everything, and to record their entire conversation would take several sheets of paper, several jars of ink, and go through several quills. Throughout the entire night the other was completely enamored with what the other had to say no matter how inane. Tahir and Naava finally settled on a smooth rock perched on one of the countryside’s many cliffs. They just sat there for over an hour not really saying anything, not really thinking anything, just enjoying the company of the other. That night something unexplainable and mystical happened. Between them a bond was formed, their love was ultimately sealed. Tahir and Naava had found their match, their missing half. Without saying so, and without even knowing it, they had devoted themselves to each other. The two sat there before heading back shortly before sunrise. They departed dispensing the usual pleasantries to each other, and both plodded their respective ways, glancing back to the other every few seconds not trying to suppress the huge smiles on their faces.
As could be predicted, the next morning Tahir was dead tired. His mother struggled fervently to get him awake. Only once she mentioned the anger of his father and how he might possibly act on it did Tahir finally stir out of the bed. Tahir hurriedly got dressed, skipped breakfast and ran out to the hill side where his father was tending the goats. Tahir had obviously already missed his morning chore of milking the goats, and it was with that in mind that he approached his father with his eyes down cast. Tahir’s father stared at him sternly, and in a monotone voice asked “Have trouble sleeping?”
Tahir managed the courage to look up and softly answered “yes sir.”
The elder man just shook his head and Tahir could feel the disappointment. He listened as his father gave him the responsibility of gathering rocks to make repairs to the fence. As Tahir walked away to complete his task, his father’s mind wondered. He knew that his son was hiding something from him, he knew that Tahir had snuck out during the night. He did not know why, but he had suspicions. After all he had snuck out of his home at Tahir’s age when he was courting his wife.
That night after Tahir finished his evening prayers he sat in anticipation at the window looking outside Naava. However, she did not come and Tahir, overcome with fatigue, unintentionally fell asleep. Truth be known, Naava wanted to go see Tahir again. Like Tahir she did not stir till late in the morning. Her adopted father, the Reverend Goodon, was very concerned by this. Naava knew the kindly man would over react if he knew the truth, so she told him that she was not feeling well. The aging man spent the entire day by her bedside nursing her, despite Naava’s objections. Naava felt guilty for leading on her caring but guidable man on. Her conscious and the medicine that she was given got the best of her and she stayed home that night despite the burning desire in her to see the young goatherd.
The next morning Tahir did get up in time to milk the goats. In fact, he did all that he was required to do that day flawlessly. However, the methods in which he took to his labors were very stoic. His mind was elsewhere. While he methodically went about his chores, he was replaying the night he spent with Naava in his head. He really wanted to see her again. Tahir decided that he would see her again, even if it meant he would have to be throwing rocks at her window. Unknown to Tahir was that Naava was going through her chores of cleaning the church with the same detached attitude. She was also fantasying about that night. While it had been a little less than two full days since she had last seen him, it seemed like eons to Naava. She decided that she was going to hike back out to Tahir’s house that night.
Tahir did not wait till he knew that his parents were soundly asleep. He left as soon as the lantern in their room was snuffed out. Tahir knew that this made the chances of him being caught all the greater, but he could not wait any longer the anticipation of seeing Naava again was overwhelming him. Tahir was stealthy enough to get out of the house undetected. He did not want to risk the sound of a horse awakening his parents, so he left his horse in the humble shed they called a stable. Tahir began to walk to Fande’, realizing just how cool the air got at night in early Autumn. Tahir walked at a slightly quickened pace, as he looked up at the stars. Had Tahir been looking straight ahead, he would have noticed Naava walking directly at him also lost in her own thoughts and looking at the stars. To an objective onlooker the sight would have been mildly humorous, even down right funny. The comedy climaxed when the two youth crashed into each other. They both instinctively said sorry before they realized who they had just ran into and then they stared at each other in bewildered amazement.
Neither one knew exactly what to say. They were both overwhelmed with the joy of seeing the other, and with confusion of what just happened.
Again, in almost perfect unison they asked “What are you doing here?”
They then both tried to answer. “I was . .. um, on my way to . .to, well .. . see you.”
They both laughed partly at the humor of the situation and to relieve inner tension. The laugh was followed by silence. However, the silence was not the least bit awkward, because the two young adults were lost in the other’s eyes. Tahir and Naava do not know how long they stood there on the clear, cool Autumn night staring at each other. To them it felt like countless centuries but at the same time like the slightest split of a second.
Eventually Tahir broke the silence, asking Naava how she was. She responded and another night long conversation began. Once again, the two walked all throughout the countryside, just talking, laughing, and enjoying every moment. They waited as late as they believed they could possibly get away with before heading back to their respective homes. However, this time both Tahir and Naava did get up on time, they were obviously tired but they were more than sure that a lack of sleep was worth it. That became the routine for Tahir and Naava, they met each other every other night. Then spent the night in between trying to sleep of the fatigue that comes with staying up the majority of the night. Autumn slowly turned into winter, but that did not stop the young couple. They weathered the cold in order to see each other. Every night they would get a bit more adventurous. In the second week of the clandestine meetings they embraced before parting, by the fourth week they held each other’s hands as they walked.
As could be expected the physical wear from such late hours kept building on the two young youth. The Reverend Goodon was becoming seriously concerned about his daughter. While, Tahir’s father had become convinced that his son’s late night rendezvouses were to meet a girl, he just did not have any idea who. Though that changed one day when he was talking to the Reverend Goodon. When he asked the the good reverend how his daughter was, Goodon bemoaned to the goatherd about his daughter was always tired and he could not figure out why she was having so much trouble sleeping. Tahir’s father instantly knew why, but he did not tell the Reverend what he knew, because he was not sure how the kind but naive man would react. He did tell his wife, and they began watching their son sneak off, laughing between themselves. However, they did not let on that they knew.
Eventually, the winter became too cold for the couple to reasonably keep up their night time meetings. That did not mean they stopped seeing each other. Every time that Tahir would be in the village of Fande’ he would find some way to meet with his beloved, if even for just a few minutes. More often than not, they would just secretly exchange lengthy letters. Both Tahir and Naava waited eagerly for the winter to warm into spring.