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05-24-02, 03:51 AM

I知 a survivor I知 proud to say
I can freely stand before you today
I知 one of many, yet still so few
I知 a survivor I made it through

I count my breaths, so precious to me
I thank the Lord I can walk, I can see
I can smile, I can dance I can live my life
I知 alive today despite myself

I知 a survivor I知 alive today
But many like me were lost on the way
Never to do the things we do
That we take for granted our whole lives through

They値l never walk along the beach
Gaze at the stars beyond their reach
They値l never smell the air after it pours,
Hear the song of a bird in the great outdoors

They値l never laugh and no more will they cry
Or even hear the sound of a sweet lullaby
For although much like me, they did not make it through
They did not survive, to live like me and you

But I知 a survivor; I致e made it through
I stand alive in front of you
Unlike the thousands who fell victim of
A country that said the unborn don稚 deserve love.

For each four of us, one didn稚 make it
We three who survived can稚 afford to stay silent.
Many more victims will not see the light
We the survivors cannot ignore their plight

Do unto others as you wish they would do
If you were unborn, who would speak up for you?

ゥ Kristine Kruszelnicki April 9, 2002

* Dedicated to the 2 million Canadians conceived after 1969; and the 40 million+ Americans conceived after 1973, who did not survive their prenatal life.

05-28-02, 03:50 PM
That's a beautiful poem, Kristine...

Survivor is a touchy subject for me....too bad Neleh lost:wah: :wah: ...I had such a big crush on her.:D