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05-01-02, 05:04 PM
DenyYourself (http://www.denyyourself.com)

Hi everybody.

I am writing here in an attempt to draw us closer each day to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Almost 1 year ago to this day I started a website aimed at Christian youth, so that we might fellowship together and learn more about what it is to be a Christian. Between then and now I have been rather lackluster in my efforts to keep the site going most of the time, and as a result it hasn't really taken off. But there has been some great discussion nonetheless (some things we'd all rather forget as well).

Right now I am looking for people to write articles and to run sections of the site. We have a few articles, but not as many as I'd like. You can also come join in our discussions in the forums. ;)

The biggest prerequisite is a love for God. :)

The site is www.denyyourself.com

Please come and help me out, and draw closer to God.