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04-26-02, 05:27 PM
He Listens
He listens when I'm quiet,
He sits and waits for me,
He crys for me when I'm sad,
And never leaves me be.
He listens when I talk,
He hears my every word,
He hears my sadness within,
Even the hidden pain.
He listens while I'm mourning,
He waits for me to call,
He asks me to draw near to him,
And yet I run away.
He listens when I run away,
He cares when I am acheing,
He calls my name,
And yet I do not look to him.
He listens when I yell,
He cares that I am hurt,
He wants me to come near to him,
Yet his love ne'er returns to him.
He listens to me calling,
He draws me close to him,
He tells me that he loves me,
And I say I love him.
-korina gruber

sleep in peace
can i sleep...
no i can not...
my body is dying...
it's dying away...
wasting away...
because it can't sleep...
sleep is so precious...
i wish i may...
i wish i might...
but there's no way tonight...
there are many things...
that have to be...
in the night...
for peace to be...
peace to sleep...
and peace to live...
this i hope...
for peace to be...
i hope to sleep...
in peace be me...
sleep in peace...
in peace tonight...
-korina gruber

Will It Come
Will the peace of mind ever come,
or even the stillness of the soul.
Will my heart ever stop longing,
or sit and wait for the pain to end.
Is there an end to pain or sorrow,
or even the heart that will no longer cry.
Will it come...
The serenity in body and mind waits for things to come.
Come and destroy me all that is within.
The pain welled up within me is scared to see the freedom.
Of all the bondage dwelling deep inside of me.
Will the peace that seems unreachable,
or even in the distance.
Will the love that seems unknown,
or even left behind come forward.
Loneliness has overcome me,
body soul and spirit.
Mind will emotions,
drowning from within.
Will it come...
-korina gruber

i am hiding from society,
they are out to get me,
help me all,
i think that being crazy,
is the wild battle,
that i will win.

as i sit,
here in the silence,
i quiet my mind,
though it might burst,
with much that i said,
quiet with pain of things i said.

the society here will never forgive,
all that i have done,
all that i have said,
i cry out in pain to try to hear,
hear them call out,
that they forgive.
-korina gruber

the mask
i am distant from here
hiding in my own shell
sitting behind my mask
wondering if any one can tell
that i have a mask on.
my mask is painted
painted in pretty colors
colors of red
of black blue and silver.
colors of pain and colors of shame
colors of hurt and colors of trust
that will never be broken.
i hope that inspite
of all thats been done
we will all
last through the night.
i hope trust will grow
and never fail
then remember
that love never fails.
-korina gruber

wut is sleep
wut is sleep?
i do not know,
is that when yours eyes close...
and when you are not thinking...
thinking about anything else?

that thing that people talk about,
when are you supposed to get it?
i do not know.

i work all nite...
as a slave to my skool.
I type and type,
and that became,
my late nite delight.
wut is sleep?
-korina gruber

04-28-02, 10:00 AM
i think i can identify with all you've got to say there!

Keep them coming.

04-29-02, 01:40 AM
in this
in this world where i lay so peacefully
i am here to rest in vain and despair
in vain where i set my heart soul and mind
i'm lying here in my own selfish pride

in selfish pride i choose to die this time
i am staring at the wall straight before
in this wall i see many things in me
this wall seems to be a mirror looking at me

the mirror that i see here in my pain
i see that i am dying here and now
dying in the everlasting fire place
the fire place i speak of is not of here
but of another place of life and death
-korina gruber

you know
You seem to always listen,
You seem to always care,
I just want some one,
Who understands all of me.
You always know what to say,
When I am sad, hurting, or acheing,
You are always there beside me,
Encouraging me to ne'er give up.
You show me love,
You tell me how you feel,
You seem to know how I feel,
And understand me too.
You do not judge,
You do not yell,
You tell me what is right,
You tell me what is wrong.
You are You and I am greatful.
-korina gruber

Justice lives in the hearts of man
It sits where people think it is not seen
Justice is what we want
When we are in times of pain
Justice only cares for what is right
Leaving ones behind
Justice is only that which you
Hold inside
-korina gruber

05-01-02, 04:40 PM
that's some pretty grim stuff....

but well expressed.

05-01-02, 10:23 PM
my outlook is clouded
my outlook is clouded
my heart and mind confused
my thoughts out wandering
what’s inside of me
my outlook is so confined
my eyes see only myself
my view only sees my pain
and all the things that happen to me
my heart is hurt within me
my mind seems to be lonely
my being is pressed
but am i really here?
my thoughts are separated
my mind is confused
my thoughts are so jumbled
deep inside of me
everything within me
everything around
things seem to be spiraling
spiraling all around me
-korina gruber

05-02-02, 12:05 PM
One thing I like about your writing is that you feel no obligation to rhyme. Brava!

05-10-02, 06:06 PM
I liked their tone.

Long Live Poetry!