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04-24-02, 06:56 PM
I know that SweetM is hurting and this is in no way meant to diminish what she is feeling.

I wanted to post a couple of personally known medical errors just to encourage those who are still clinging to hope.

In 1993, I began to have complications in my 2nd pregnancy. I saw my doctor and the initial diagnosis was "blighted ovum" Missed miscarrage. My Blighted Ovum will be 9 years old in September.

In 2000 I tested positive for down's syndrome, my healthy son's birth revealed the medical error.

I have a friend who this year tested positive for spinal bifida, but the amnio revealed this defect was not present. Healthy baby due in 2 months.

Ladies I know this sounds like an attempt to debunk medical science and encourage women to ignore the diagnosis of their physician, but I can only wonder if these mistakes aren't the reason why its called "practicing medicine."

SweetM, God will give your little girl her heart's desire.

Hugs to you.

04-25-02, 09:32 AM
Hey Ladies:

why don't you post your own, "questionable diagnosis" here and remind us that no one is perfect and nothing is engraved in stone.

05-04-02, 04:22 PM
Thanks again for your encouragement.