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04-18-02, 09:51 PM
I might as well post my essay that won me a compaq presario and $1000. :D

the question was: it has been said that education is the key to the future. What keys have you made for yourself to move into the future?


The Keys to My Future

At this time, I have acquired a colorful metaphorical key ring full of keys, eight in all, to move into the future. I have obtained them with the help of family, friends, and God. The first and greatest key is the golden one. It is the relationship with my parents that is second only to God in my life. This key permeates almost every aspect of my being. Coming from a family with four children makes it easy to learn basic principles such as patience, sharing, responsibility, and much more. This deserves a silver key because my morals and values are what make me, me. Next is the pink key, or the relationship with my friends. I need them to get through difficult times that I am not comfortable sharing with my parents. I always have God to trust and confide in, but sometimes I just need somebody with skin.
Purple is an important color, and it is the hue of an important key. This key involves not giving in to peer pressure to drink or smoke. I have heard many stories of ruined lives to these two menaces which makes me determined not to fall victim to them. Self-reliance in the area of homework is the blue key of my future. Homework is accomplished with little help or reminders from my parents. Neither do my parents hand me money, bestowing on my key ring a green key. . If I want to do something extra, I usually pay for it myself. I also plan to get into college with my whole tuition, books, and board paid for by winning scholarships. One of my goals is to finish college debt-free. In addition, an elderly lady in my neighborhood receives my help weekly cleaning her house, and at least 15% of that money is put into savings. That leads me to my next white door-opener, my determination. When I start something, I finish it. Sometimes it is hard to follow through, but then I remember “something worth doing is worth doing well.” That motivates me to accomplish any task I set my mind on doing. The last key is crucial to get through college and properly use any scholarship money obtained. It is a red key, my study skills. From the time I entered elementary school, I developed study habits that earn me good grades. This key is essential for my educational career.
I have collected eight valuable keys, each one indispensable. They need to be held together somehow. They need....a key ring. That key ring is God because He holds my life together. He is in every part of my life, just like a key ring goes through the hole which is in the middle of every key. These significant keys can unlock a successful future.


04-18-02, 10:38 PM
:angel: Hi Mizz Tricia: Grandpa Here: I just l;oved your paper for its originality. I printed a copy for future reading. May the Lord Bless. Agape. Grandpa.:) :D

04-26-02, 09:11 PM
HOW COOL!!! I love it Tricia!!! How sooo cool!!! So true and evident in the high schoolers lives!!! :D Great work mi amiga!

04-26-02, 10:35 PM
Gracias my adoring fans! :biggrin:

04-28-02, 12:24 AM
no problem! It is a very inspiring paper!

04-28-02, 12:29 AM
Prizes were well deserved. VERY nice!!!