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04-17-02, 01:28 AM
Well it looks like if I get this job that I think I'm going to get that I'll be able to get the week off... so problem one is fixed now I need to figure out how to get there and back and who to stay with while there.... so any suggestions Jase??

also Jase, you and I will have to check out the master classes together and jam out I'll probably bring my guitar and djembe( or asheko) :biggrin:

04-17-02, 07:52 AM
Well you could stay with my group but I doubt I'll be able to get to Tulsa to pick you up.

And that sounds fun :D

04-17-02, 08:54 PM
well there are two possibilities if zech's still going then he said he'd bring me but if not I could get a bus ticket and could bus up there somewhere could you pick me up at a busstop somewhere and then drop me off at one after the weeks over??

04-17-02, 11:10 PM
That's a distinct possibility :)