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04-13-02, 09:06 PM
hey everyone, i'm newbie, i started here about a half hour ago and i have no idea what-so-ever on what i'm doing, but i'll get thru it!
I'm from Canada, in the province Sask. In a town smaller than my thumb.... seriously. Our school is k-12 and we have at the most 120 students. There are two other Christians in our town other than me and they are my best friends. I became a Christian in the summer of '99 at a camp about a hop skip and a jump away from here... and i've been going ever since. I got a job at mcdonald's about 2 weeks ago... not fun, but it's money. I love sports like volleyball, basketball and baseball, even tho our town hasn't had a baseball team in probably 3 years. I am in gr. 11, and i cannot wait to get out of this town! I plan on going to a Bible College when i graduate for a year, mostly just to get me closer with God before i go out on my own. I wanna do a lot with my life like become a writer/youth minister/teen cousellor, and hopefully do sum acting. I'm in drama this year and we're doing the beverly hill billies... and i got the part of Elly May!! yah!! I love music but have no talent in it at all! hmm... i know there's a lot more... i'm petrified of birds and feet. I love ice...lol (yeah i'm wierd) instead of ordering a drink at restaurants i order a cup of ice.... My friends call me Phoebe, cuz they think i act blonde.... i think more power to my blonde friends!!! lol, hmm i can not wait for the summer cuz i'm going on my first mission trip for three weeks, and it's gonna be life changing! God's gonna do so much!! k, i think i've writen enuf!!! Can't wait to get to know all you guys!

04-13-02, 09:10 PM
oops, my bad, i told u i was new at this..... there goes another blonde moment!! hehe... sorry guys, this was supposed to go in the topic above mine... the introduce urself one.... sorry again

04-13-02, 11:04 PM
It is ok!
I am Cat/f/Texas. (not to be confused with Cath aka. Butterfly;) )
Hm. I am one of those brunettes who absorb blonde sillyness. So maybe I will rub off on you....oh my if that happens I feel sorry for my friends! ;) I hope you keep posting here, it is a really cool site!
c-ya 'round!
In Christ's Love

04-15-02, 02:01 PM
Hello! I am new too. Today is my first day (April 15).

petrified of birds and feet ?? hehe

I guess TWEETY would be your worst nightmare- he's got awful big feet for such a little bird !!!


04-15-02, 02:27 PM
Hey, welcome Meryl! I'm Jason, 21/m/Indiana, currently studying in England for the next 3 days until finals ends. I'm a mod of the forum, so if you need anything just ask :)

Peace, Love, and Jesus Christ,


04-15-02, 09:09 PM
thanks everyone... yeah i guess tweety would be pretty freaky to meet lol, i've never thought about that one!! Hey u wanna know something that i thought was really funny... tweety's real name is sweety..... she just can't say her (him?? i dunno) s's..... i thought it was interesting... maybe it's just me lol. Nice to meet you all!

04-15-02, 11:22 PM
So how come a town as small as yours has a McDonalds?

04-15-02, 11:52 PM
i work outta town, just like 20 mins away... gas money sucks too!! especially since my mom wants me home by 8 o'clock on school nites cuz i'm still a new driver... the pay cheque pretty much goes to gas... but i guess there's a little extras in there!

04-16-02, 09:28 AM
I think Tweety is a boy! bad for him, but I think it's true...


04-23-02, 05:07 AM
hi! I live somewhat far away....another continent!

Chris B
04-23-02, 05:44 PM
Hi Meryl, welcome to the boards! I don't actually post here very often myself (and when I do nobody usually replies...), but it is still a cool place :cool:

I'm Chris, 18/boy/CO and if you have any questions you can feel free to ask Jason.

I thought there was a McDonalds in every town in the world... guess I was wrong :( Anyway, I used to work at a McDonalds until a last week. I really didn't like it, 8 hours of standing up every day was no fun. Free food, though :)

Why have I never heard of Sask, and do you really have 120 k-12 students on your thumb?

Later (oh, and nice signature, btw)

04-23-02, 09:44 PM
Hey Chris
Yeah i'd rather not be working at Mcd's but i'm so broke and i have so much planed for the summer so i guess i'm gonna stick with it for a bit. Sask is just short for Saskatchewan... in Canada... nothing really worth remembering...lol, but i live there so i guess so!! lol. But hope to get to know u better. Cya

04-26-02, 02:59 PM
McDonalds...yummy....i'm hungry