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04-12-02, 11:28 PM
Welcome again Friends,

Iím so excited to be able to talk to you about Godís timely goodness to us. Sometimes we marvel at whatís going on in our lives. Perhaps we find it difficult to trust that Godís got a good plan for our lives. Perhaps we realize that we need to trust God day by day and that Heíll be there to help us through. The fact is that God does have a good plan for those that trust Him and we would do well to keep having faith in that Lord.

As we look through the Bible, we can see numerous occasions of Godís excellent timing. One thing interesting to note is that, often, just before God shows His excellent greatness, times are looking mighty tough. The greatest of all examples shows us Godís victory in Jesus. There was no more bleak moment than that experienced by Christís followers as He was taken down, lifeless, from the cross. For the next three days they stewed in the blackness of the reality that the Christ was dead! All that they had planned and hoped for was shattered and they were likely in great peril to boot. Still, Godís ways are above manís ways and on that third day, Christ rose from the grave and began to show Himself alive! The depth of their sorrows was filled by their over flowing Joy at the knowing that Jesus was alive.

If we look, we can see that God uses just in time production methods. When God produces a miracle, itís never late and itís never early. Here are just some fast examples:

Jesus made sure that people could tell that Lazarus was good and dead before He raised him from the dead so that people could see that He brought salvation over death.

When the old woman was set to make a last meal for her and her son and then die, God sent Elijah with instructions, that when followed, gave the whole household food to eat until the rains returned.

In the modern day world, God is still the same. Iíll use an example from my own life. Most, if not all of you, know that Maria A.K.A. SweetM and I just got married in Feb. Money is not something that weíre swimming in. In fact, some needs came up that we werenít quite sure how weíd get through. All we could do was daily rely upon God to meet our needs. I tell you, Iíve heard of stuff like this but, never, I mean never, have I seen it as personally as this before. Within a two-week span, God more than met all of our needs. First, God sent a man to bless us with $100. Next, God led our daughter to find $6 we were grateful to have added to the pot. Third, out of a situation where we almost lost over a thousand dollars, God delivers us $326. Finally, when we were praising God for the financial order that He had also just set up in our lives, our apartment complex slipped a check for $510 under the door. Iím sure Iíve not accounted for all that God did but, what we know more than ever is that when you trust God, He will make a way! Better yet, He already has a way!

Our God does not fail! Iíve seen time and again in my life where Heís shown His strength at the peek of my weakness. Our God is wise! Our God is strong! Our God has plans of Good for each of us! In all these darkest of days that weíll find in the Bible, the powerlessness of the human condition comes shining through. Thatís when the victory that God brings most shows the world where hope should lie.

We have taken the Lordís name. We are Christians. Our hope is in the finished work of Christ on the cross. Our duty is to daily carry our own cross. Our goal is to be the salt and light of God to the world. The sooner that we acknowledge that we do not have the strength within us to get the job done, the sooner God can send the victory. The sooner we let God be victorious in our lives, the sooner that weíll see our children, family, friends, and neighbors surrender their hearts to Christ.

Get excited about each and every victory that God gives you and know that the Word is as powerful today as it was when God first gave it to us. As much as you know that God has brought victory into your life, share it! You might just meet someone in Heaven whoíll tell you how you changed their life.

Forgive like youíve been forgiven,