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04-10-02, 04:45 PM
The Days of Old

Remember the times of fun?
Whether in the rain or under the sun?
We had a blast which never last
what of all the tales we spun?

Remember the days of old?
All the mememories were like gold
We never knew we could be unglued
and it seemed that they were unsold.

How about being the silly willies?
Nothing could give us the chilly willies. :)
Now times changed and its no crime
when our nonsense is not so silly

But now my friend, it is you
that cause me to have the blues :wah:
Because you are like a star
that lost its shine which is true

And I am still wanting to fun
whethe rin the rain or in the sun
while you go like out of style
I am like one who is stun