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04-10-02, 02:22 AM
Pam and Lance are the ones who started ilj and make it possible for all of us to be here. I know most of you know that and a lot of you know they just moved and are out of family hug range at least in the non-net world. Most know too that some things have been happening that been pretty hard for them. So let's make today Hugs for Pam and Lance day.

04-10-02, 02:27 AM
*hugs* You know I love you guys and I think you're doing a great job. Keep up the good work! :)

Breni Sue
04-10-02, 02:57 AM
What a coincidence! "Hugs for Pam and Lance" day falls on the same day as my niece's birthday! (she is 2 today! :D ) So now I have 2 special days to celebrate!

:love:((((((((Pam & Lance)))))))) :love:

Just remember that all of us are your family too, guys! And we are here if you ever need us! :)

04-10-02, 04:24 AM
*hugs* i wub j00 pam and lance! :love:

04-10-02, 07:42 AM
sends the love Pam and Lance's way :)



04-10-02, 09:38 AM


Purrcilla Dekat
04-11-02, 02:03 AM
Purr hugs Lance and Pam with all four paws and gently washes their faces. She knows they miss their kitty.
A ban on beach mice I declare!
I'd rather have you both than beach mice any day.
Here have a slice of Purry Pizza.

04-12-02, 01:39 PM
Awwww..... you guys are so sweet!!!

{{{{Lance and Pam hug everyone at the same time}}}}

We are pretty much settled in and love our new home! It's been raining all week, though, so it's been hard to get out and do new things. LOL

Thank you for the love! :love: We needed that.