View Full Version : You're Not Gone --A love song to God

04-06-02, 12:23 AM
look me in the eyes
cant see your face
are they bluish green or is that just the space

i know youre here
because you just
ran your hand through my hair

something just passed
it felt like a wind blast
was it you

please dont say youre gone
theres no way id live
only to you i belong

please come back
dont walk away
i know you'll be back someday

i just cant stand the thought
one day without you
i want you

whyd you have to do that
whyd you have to go
your reasons we all know

i just want to thank you
what you did saved me
now ill meet you someday
im destined for eternity

youre not really gone
you walked out the door
but into my heart

you didnt take the step out
because i feel you
without a doubt

youre not gone
you cant be
come back
come get me

if you ever do
decide to leave
promise me
youll take me

i couldnt see the
point of living
whats the use
then theres no living

youre not gone
you cant be
come back
come get me

youre not gone
Written by Allen Nail

04-06-02, 01:07 AM
nice.. very nice... i really like it... it does kinda seem like maybe it's not God, then it is... i like it... it makes God a real tangible person kinda... you know?