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03-31-02, 11:34 PM
Happy Easter everyone! I've written an Easter poem that I'd like to share. If you want to use this poem anywhere, please email kruser@yahoo.com thanks.


By: Kristine Kruszelnicki

The easter bunny's a tasty treat
He really is quite good to eat
And not to mention, he's cute too
He smiles as him I bite into

His fluffy friend, that Peter Rabbit
Bringing eggs, as is his habit
You'll find him on every card
Find one with Jesus? that'd be hard.

Yes we're glad that spring's arrived
The air smells great and so alive
But I think someone made a mistake
Can we fix it? Are we too late?

You see that rabbit. He is toast
He'd best start running to the coast
I'm sorry Peter, scoot along
This season's for Christ - you don't belong!

It wasn't you upon that tree
Shedding your blood at Calvary
Giving your life to set me free
No it was Jesus Christ, you see.

If we have Easter, it's because of Him
Who gave His life to pay for sin.
His gift is more than you could ever give
He gave His LIFE so I could live.

The blessed saviour, in my place
Let men spit into His face
Beat Him, mock Him, whip Him half dead
Beat a crown of thorns into His head.

On the cross He bore God's wrath
Bore the pain on my behalf
I the guilty deserved to die
But He paid it all; I can't understand why.

Victorious Lord! He was dead it was plain
But three days later He rose again
The sting of death He faught and won
The grave couldn't hold God's Holy Son.

That same Jesus set me free
I live because He lives in me
I will praise Him eternally
With my whole life give Him glory.

So Easter bunny, hit the road
Take your chocolate: worthless load
I celebrate Jesus' life today
In the light of the Son, you melt away.

Kristine Kruszelnicki 5:15 am, April 2, 1999

04-01-02, 02:26 AM
Did you have trouble wording the fourth verse of the first stanza?

I did in cases like that when I was writing rap songs so that stuck out to me. I had to try to word something so that the word that rymed went at the end and the statement actually flowed right.

It could also have been "He smiles as he's bit into"

Anyways, I loved that. It rocked! I thought the melting part was especially creative :D

04-01-02, 05:18 AM
I dig it :)

04-01-02, 05:05 PM
That's great! Very powerful, and almost.....triumphant? Dunno if that's the word I'm wanting but it'll do!!!

As for the wording thingy...I identify with that too, I do it all the time!!!!

In Christ,