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03-30-02, 04:24 PM
His name was Ian.

I went to Cambridge today with my friend Mark and with my host family from the Harlaxton meet-a-family program. The whole day was just great, I saw some great sights, we punted down the river (flat boats powered by a guy with a long pole), I got some GREAT books from the Cambridge Press bookstore and from the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge bookstore. And then there was Ian. The four of us all together walked past him a little after 2 pm, concerned with our own plans to split up and roam around town on our own. Shortly after everyone else had left, I had this overwhelming feeling that I should go back to talk to him, and to give him my spare change- after all, a pound or two isn't going to make or break me, no matter how bad off I think I am, when there's a guy sitting in the street all by himself who says he hasn't eaten in three days. I asked him how he was doing, nice weather today, heard it was going to rain, you know- the standard small talk. We talked for a few minutes, he said "I've been better, been worse" and then he mentioned having not eaten for three days, and he thought he had just enough change people had given him that day to get something from McDonalds or something. What else could I do? I asked him if he would join me for a late lunch. We talked all the way to Burger King (his choice), and we really took the roundabout way. He told me a little about his past, how he had done a lot of travelling in his younger years (he is 46) and about how he had been a junkie and a hedonist- living for himself but also trying desperately to destroy himself. He lived the classic party junkie life, a thousand dollars in his pocket one day and nothing the next. He told me about how his wife had died 12 years before, a junkie herself, and about his daughter who is now 15 and living in Perth, Australia. He currently has an alcohol problem, but he is seeking help- he has an appointment with a doctor for admission to detox next week, that was the soonest they could get him in. Oh yeah- when the four of us had passed by him earlier, without looking at him, without speaking, without offering a hand in Christian love, he had called out to us "God bless you and have a good day". He told me of how he had lived his whole life only for himself, and how that had gotten him into the state in which I saw him today. His next words to me were "but then God found me." He had gone into a church, a chapel of the Church of England, and had taken communion. He said he couldn't explain it, but at that moment something in him broke- he started crying and he cried for quite some time before he finally realized that God really was after him, and that God loves him more than he could comprehend. I don't know exactly when this was, but then he told me that he had been running from God the whole time since then because he didn't know what would happen next. He told me that he is growing weary of running away from God and that every day now he prays for God to show himself. He asked me how he could find God, or how God could find him. I told him that Jesus was the answer, that God becoming a man bridged the gap between man and God. I know he was feeling the distance of the gap today. He believes in Jesus and the cross and resurrection (he just hadn't made the connection of bridging the gap), he knows that God loves everyone and that God is grieved by so many of the things in the world that are done in his name. He loves India, he knows the poor people there need God more than anything else in the world. He told me that as soon as he can get his head together and get through detox, he's really going to try to seek God. In that Burger King I asked him if he would like to pray with me and he said he would love to do so. I took ahold of his hand and we both prayed out loud, I prayed first and I prayed for him to have Christ's peace and to let God find him, and that God would show himself in a way that would change his life. He couldn't even get out many words, he was so overcome that he started crying and just said "Thank you God for bringing us together today, amen." We walked out of the Burger King and talked a little more, and I urged him not to wait for detox before making a committment to seek God. The pieces of the puzzle are all there, all that he needs to do is take that one step and I know God will take care of him. We shook hands and I left to go meet back up with Mark and the Hewitsons (the meet-a-family people). I pray for him.

"I tell you the truth, whatever you do for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you do for me" --- Matthew 25:40

Peace, Love, and Jesus Christ,


Breni Sue
03-30-02, 04:52 PM
Praise God for leading you to this man today, and for helping him in his quest!!! :)

He sounds like he has led a very hard life, and is really sincere about seeking Christ. Your experience is truly an inspiration, Jason! I will be praying for Ian.

03-31-02, 03:27 AM
My response to this is on the prayer bd but I wanted to bump it up too so more will have a chance to see it.