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03-30-02, 10:48 AM
This morning I was looking through my Bible to see if there were any scripture passages on what went on during the "second day" of the crucifixtion/resurrection story. Because - we have Day one: Crucifixion and Day Three: Resurrection - but, are there any scriptures that deal with Day Two - like what the disciples were doing on that day after the crucifixtion - but before the resurrection.

I did a quick skim through the gospels and didn't see anything - any of ya'll know if there are any scriptures about "day two?"

I kind of imagine the disciples just not really doing much that day - besides maybe thinking - or in shock. I mean, they had followed this Jesus around for three years and He had told them all these wonderful things - and now, he was dead. They knew the prophecies that the savior was suppose to rise again - but I would think they would be a little scared along with being hopeful. Scared that maybe they had been tricked, maybe this wasn't real - because after all - why would the savior of the world be killed through crucifixtion? Then hopeful, that despite their confusion and doubts about it all - it was true - and he was going to rise and come back to them - but scared to hope too much.

ok - I'll quit rambling now - just wanted to see if there were any passages out there about this day in history.

03-30-02, 05:08 PM
The Bible doesn't say, but I would imagine they were stunned and sad, and probably had given up. Prior to Jesus, every messianic movement in Palestine had died with its founder. I forget which Gospel it is, but I know at least one depicts the disciples as fishing when Jesus appeared to them. That to me indicates they were just trying to get on with their lives.

03-30-02, 06:12 PM
John 21

03-30-02, 06:45 PM
Yeah, I knew about the fishing story - I studied that passage about a year ago - learned a lot :)

03-30-02, 07:34 PM
:angel: Hi Mizz Princess: Grandpa Here. Specifically, I do not know of any 'happenings' that are recorded for day 'two'. If there I will post them later on. Coincidentally, about two months ago I did a study on what Jesus did during those "Three Days". This was in response to a question in Church about Jesus preaching to the spirits in Prison. Here is a bit of data on 'that'.

First let me say that there was a momentous amount of activity and warfare in the spirit world shortly before and after the crucifixion. The devil tried every trick known to him and his minions to stop what Jesus did.

In Matthew 12-40 we read:
"For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the whale, so will the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.
After Jesus died on the Cross, I believe that His soul and spirit went directly to the center of the earth where "Hades" (Place of departed spirits) was at that time. All Spirits went there when the Body died. For a good informative treatise on this, read the story of Lazarus and the rich man: Luke 16-vs 19 T 31. This is not a fable or a myth but a true story of what was happening at that time.

NOW: In Ephesians 4-1 T 16 Paul talks about the Church, But read this carefully and note what he said about "descended" and "ascended". (Down & Up).

NEXT: Read 1 Peter 3-13 T 22 noting vs 19 carefully. (The Preaching Thing!)

My Dearest Mizz Princess, You are to be blessed for the insight to inquire about this. I never thought about this small facet of that time but you and others can see what questions such as this can spark about Bible and Spiritual Knowledge.
May Jesus Bless you greatly and keep you safe.
Agape. Grandpa. :) :D :biggrin: :cool:

04-06-02, 08:31 AM
Not much more to ad to what grandpa has very well put. I don't think the disciples were aware or understood that He was going to resurrect though. Luke 24:13-53 speaks to His opening their
understanding. I think if they were expecting His resurrection they all would be parked with lunches lanterns and sleeping bags at the tomb waiting for their Lord. I don't think the faithful women disciples would be going to anoint His body also. The scriptures are so wonderful and each time you read a passage we are privileged to glean more from the same passage, we are blessed. None of us have full understanding of everything in His Word but I believe someday we shall. Our Lord tells us in John 16:12 "I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now". Boy, I can't wait...