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Dictator Cat
03-27-02, 07:40 PM
:) A Great Tree

Hello there! Do you want to hear a story? Ah, yes, I know a great one. It is a story that a tree named Kalem told me. He is a very wise tree. He is very old too, but not nearly as old as God. I used to go see him as a young lady, and I would bring him water. I usually brought my friends too. He told such great stories! He even lived in the Garden of Eden. I must not tell you where it was though. He said it would unleash one of the great mysteries of the earth. That mustnít happen. Look at me, babbling on about the secrets of the earth! Come closer, and I will tell you a story he once told me. It was during the medieval time you see. Kalemís favorite time, it was. That is why I picked this story, in honor of Kalem. Yes, wise old Kalem. And now I shall tell you the story.
It was a sunny and yet cloudy day in March when Kalem heard the sound of hooves in the distance. The sound was getting closer and closer. He saw a young lady riding upon a black horseís back. She was going very swiftly indeed. He thought the horse was most likely stolen. Back then, you see, girls rode white horses. They were a very delicate white too. The men rode black horses, but she was riding a dark, musty, black horse. Kalem wasnít sure that it had been stolen because, it could have been her fatherĎs. Then, suddenly, Kalem heard hooves again, except, this time there was a young man riding a white horse with a spear in his hand. Kalem now supposed the black horse was stolen, but he thought maybe there was some reason she needed the horse. Maybe she had an emergency and thought the black horse could take her there quicker. Still, he knew that if the lad caught up, he would surely kill her. Kalem had to stop him. You might think Kalem stretched out a branch when the rider was near as if to knock him off the horse, but he was not that foolish. Kalem knew that the rider could have just as well cut him down. No, Kalem started yelling in all sorts of languages such as horse, lion, jackal, coyote and girl. This confused the lad on the white horse, and he thought that the girl had been killed by a lion and the horse by a coyote, so he turned around and rode like the wind in fear of getting killed himself. Kalem later found the girl sleeping by his trunk, gave her a lecture, and taught her a great many things about not stealing, cheating, and sinning. Kalem still does not know if she had an emergency, but she comes to thank the tree often, and she brings water and friends with her. I should know, I am the girl.

03-30-02, 03:50 PM
nifty story!

04-01-02, 05:29 PM

I'll work it out! You got me baffled...

but brill all the same