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Dictator Cat
03-27-02, 08:38 PM
:) The New Superstore
Our story begins in Kittyville, Felinia. The time is 4000 A.D.
“Tommy, Tommy, Tommy!” Sammy yelled.
“What?” Tommy snapped.
Sammy stuttered, “They- they opened a new superstore.”
“Your point?” Tommy replied flatly.
“Well, we’ve never had a superstore before. Think of all the glorious things it holds.” Sammy exclaimed dreamily.
“Uh, earth to Sammy! You have no money.” Tommy interrupted.
“No, that’s where you’re wrong. I got a job at the superstore. Now I can be with the store all day long and get paid for doing it.” Sammy explained.
“Oh really, and uh, just how much are you getting paid for this so called job?” Tommy asked.
“Five whole bucks an hour!” Sammy blurted.
“Five bucks? That’s chump change.” Tommy replied.
“I don’t see you with any money. Besides, I start tomorrow. Yep, soon the money will be rollin’ in!” Sammy exclaimed.
“Yah, uh, right. Say, do you think you could get me a job there? We being buddies and all.” Tommy asked.
“Nah, you wouldn’t want to work for chump change, would ya?” Sammy argued.
“Well, do you have security cameras in your little superstore?” Tommy asked.
“Why let me think. No, no we don’t. Why would you ask such a thing anyhow?” Sammy asked.
“Well, there are these mittens I’ve had my eye on, and I don’t have any money, but-. Tommy said.
“No, no. I am not stealing anything for you!” Sammy interrupted.
“You don’t have to steal it, just borrow it. It- it’s like credit.” Tommy replied.
“Credit?” Sammy asked.
“Yeah, credit. Credit is not stealing stuff, but taking it, writing an I owe you and keeping the I owe you till’ you have enough money. Then you give the money and I owe you to the manager, he signs it, and you have a receipt. Everybody knows that.” Tommy lied.
“Really, cool! You should of told me about this credit stuff a long time ago. Make me out a list of everything you want.” Sammy replied.
“Okay, uh, I want a skateboard, mittens, stereo, snacks, nintendo, nintendo games, t-shirts, and sunglasses. That’s about it for now. Do you think you can handle it?” Tommy asked.
“Yeah, sure. I got it all under control. Are you sure this is okay?” Sammy asked.
“Of course, I do it all the time.” Tommy replied.
The next day Sammy worked hard all day long. His boss left him to clean up, so Sammy thought that was a good time to get Tommy’s list and fill the order. Everything worked out great. It worked out so good that Sammy got what Tommy wanted the next day and the next day and the next day. One day, Kathrine, the store owner, noticed a lot of the inventory missing. She asked Sammy about it. Sammy told Kathrine all about the “I owe you’s”. Sammy wondered why he had to explain it to her. He thought everyone knew.
Kathrine called Tommy’s parents the next day. She explained everything that happened. For punishment, Tommy had to work at the store for five dollars an hour until it was all paid back.
“Hhhhhuuuuhhhh. Chump change!” Tommy groaned.

03-30-02, 04:58 PM
You definately have a creative mind! Keep them coming!

04-01-02, 06:23 PM
that's cool....just one question....is that an allegory? Coz if it's not i'm reading WAY to deep into it!


Dictator Cat
04-03-02, 07:02 PM
It was supposed to show how tommy did not have discernment