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03-25-02, 11:12 PM
Ok, so we start a research paper in my English class. I'm pretty much the only one that is excited, cause I'm a little strange. We get to pick topics off of a list. If you get there fast enough, you might get the topic you want, right? Well, my topic is: Evolution vs. Creationism in public schools. Can you beat that for a topic? I love debating about that anyway. You can choose any view you wish. I chose to argue that creationism and evolution should be taught side by side. Anyway, I was trying to figure out how to show that because of teaching evolution, crime rates steadily went up and education went down. The only thing I could really find was that after they took prayer out in 1962 the statistics were for my side. But I couldn't for the life of me find out when they really started teaching evolution in public schools. I found out today at the school library, though. That was started in the 60's. So, I have all the research and stastics I need now (and then some) to prove this point. I'm having WAY too much fun on this paper so far, but I hope it ends up being pursuasive enough. Anyway, I'm not really sure why I'm telling you all this, except that I'm SOOOOOO excited! :biggrin: :D :biggrin: Yeah, I'm a little weird too.... but that's ok. I'm never bored this way ;) Anywho, have a great day everyone. Thanks for reading through this pretty much pointless message. :p

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03-26-02, 02:22 AM
you should be careful using statistics, because they can be manipulated to show whatever point you are trying to make as well as whatever point your opponent wants to make.

i would look at education funding as well....i would contend that has a greater impact on crime rates and literacy rates/test scores than the teaching of evolution and creation side by side in schools.

i remember the debate topic book series called opposing viewpoints had some stuff on this topic. if they haven't revised it, some of hte stuff might be dated, but it can still give you some ideas for different directions that your paper could go.

random idea i just had...maybe compare freedom of expression type stuff and it's relationship with evolution and creation teaching in schools. maybe find a comparison with another group that is being silenced on school campuses (different ethnicities, social classes, religions, etc). and you could compare those things with political majorities in presidency, house, and senate.

i think i've done too many stat papers.....

03-26-02, 02:37 AM
It's just nice to hear you happy. God bless you. :)

03-26-02, 02:06 PM
One tip is too properly define creationism and evolution in your paper. Saying creationism vs evolution doesn't say much to me. Do you include things like the Big Bang in with the term "evolution" or are you speaking strictly of the idea of "common descent"? Are you a young earth creationist? Are you an old earth creationist? What specific flavor of creationism are you endorsing? If you are including the Big Bang and other such ideas as part of "evolution" then I think one of the biggest hurdles you have to get over is how you do away with the idea of letting science be the how while religion covers the why.

I think trixiepup gave good advice: "be careful in how you use statistics."

They took prayer out in 62 and the the statistics showed what exactly? You say they are one your side but you have to correlate how the prayer factor is actually responsible for the decline or whatever it is and thats not easy. "A fictional name here but Bob Johnson was born in 62. Ever since his birth grade average and literacy levels have gone down in the US high and grammar schools. He is responsible." See? You have to show that there are no other conceivable factors that could have contributed to whatever it is that the statistics did and demonstrate that that particular factor can lead to such things. ButI suspect there is a host of factors that needs to be looked at. I think it would require extensive reading and a vast knowledge of history at the time to use whatever statistics you are reffering to, conclusively.

03-26-02, 08:41 PM
:angel: Hi Mizz Gymnast: Grandpa Here. Along with Mizz Ann I wish you much blessings and Happiness.

Now about that Paper!! Anything you say can and will be used against you. Mr Vinnie and Mizz Trixiepup have some excellent and factual points. I wish you much good luck and success on your endeavor. One thing that is hard to 'Prove' or 'explain' in such a paper is the wonderful element of "Faith". We know but there are many who do not. The Blessings of Jesus our Lord and Savior go with You. Agape. Grandpa. :) :D :biggrin: :cool: