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03-25-02, 12:01 AM
This really doesn't have any structure to it at all.. I was talking to a friend, and the words just started to flow.. so here it is. It may not make a great poem.. but the story within it.. has a lot of meaning. Hope you like it

I'm underwater...trying to get out
I can see the surface..
so I try to shout
my lungs fill with water
constricting my throat
Oh God, I'm going to die
but I look again, and see a boat
I fight with all that's within me..
I don't really want to die
underwater isn't a place to live
it's merely a place for me to hide
I reach for the boat.. but it's too far away
I still can't breathe
is this my final day?
or are you trying to teach me
there's more than trying to swim
I feel a hand
there's someone with me..
and finially, I can swim
I look over to see....It's HIM.
We fight up to the surface..
and I break the water
and I gasp...
once I gain some concentration
I can't help but ask....
God, why did you make me suffer?
Why couldn't I reach that boat?
wasn't it there to save me?
I was giving up on Hope...
and then I take a minute
and look out over the sea..
and the pictures now focused in my eyes...
mean so much more to me...
destruction for that boat
and storms were on the sea
the waterway was for protection
but I didn't see...
God didn't put me there to suffer
He surely didn't want me to die...
and as I look out into the horizon
I start to cry...
I didn't understand..
why I had to choke
and feel as though He'd left me
when I saw that boat...
He took my hand, and wiped my tear...
and he began to tell me...
of all the things and wonders in life..
that He'd planned for me!
so He promised I wouldn't be faced
in life with more than I could handle
I looked down and suddenly
my eyes were met with His sandals..
we were on dry land..
in an instant had been transformed
to all His heavenly glory..
we were looking down above the storm
and I could finially see..
the path and how it ended..
and how he had protected me...
my faith.. it was founded..
the struggles, sometimes seem to hard
for us in our lives to bare
that when we need to call on Jesus..
because even if the world doesn't .......

03-25-02, 12:25 AM
Dang girl, you wrote that?
That is soooo incredibly awesome. Seriously, that is, just, wow. You certainly have a gift. That... is just... yea, thats awesome.

03-25-02, 04:26 PM
that's awesome

it reminds me of something I heard the other day:

sometimes when we are drowning God pulls us out, and sometimes he teaches us to breathe under water.