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03-23-02, 08:05 AM

i run a youth cell group for about 8-14 people aged about 14 years.

i wanna try to keep it interesting for them, but yet if possible have some connection to talking about God, etc...

i would greatly appriciate it if you could let me know of any games, wacky or not, God related or not, that we could play at the cell group.

normally we're in quite a small room though, so we can't really do very active games until the summer. i'd love to hear about them anyway though.

please if you've played, or have organised, and run any of these games, let me know what they were like, how well they went, etc...

God Bless,

03-23-02, 09:47 AM
a favorite of mine at that age was called "Stack 'em up!" basically - you put chairs in a circle and everyone sits in one - then you call out things like "If you have tennis shoes on, move two seats to the right" or "If you use crest toothpaste, move one seat to the left" Not everyone is going to move everytime of course - and you end up with people sitting on top of other people - it gets quite amusing :)

oh - and if there is a stack of people sitting in the chair - and a person on the bottom or the middle has to move - then you can either do it where themselves and everyone on top of them moves - or just that one person - however you want :)

03-25-02, 09:32 AM
We did one once, called "Mafia". You need a deck of cards (or you can make your own) -- one card for each person. The cards are just to assign roles -- the King is a Mafia member, Queen is a doctor, Jack is a spy. There are 3 Mafia members, 1 doctor, and 1 spy. Everyone else (who gets a number card) is a Townsperson. You can also use 1 Ace for the narrator (but you'll have to go first!).
Basically, everyone sits in a circle so that everyone can see everyone else, then you play in rounds. The narrator starts off by telling everyone to go to sleep (close eyes). Then he wakes up the special characters one by one like this:
Mafia first - They must agree among themselves QUIETLY who to "kill" :bomb:and point him/her out to the narrator, then back to sleep. Doctor next - He must point out someone he wants to "heal" - he can choose himself, then back to sleep. Last, Spy pionts out someone he thinks is a member of the Mafia to the narrator. The narrator must nod or shake his head depending on whether the Spy guesses right or wrong. Then the Spy goes back to sleep.
At this point, the narrator (having taken note of who is "killed" and "healed") tells everyone to wake up. He then tells them who the Mafia killed, and if the Doctor was able to save that person. If the Doctor chose someone different from who the Mafia killed, that person is "dead." :angel: He shows his card to everyone, and becomes a "Ghost." That means he can keep his eyes open for the next rounds, but he can't say anything to anyone about what goes on.
The rest of the Townspeople must choose who to blame for the murder, or attempted murder. The spy of course if he got a clue on who the Mafia is tries to convince people to choose him, and the Mafia try to put the blame on some innocent person. The Town takes a vote, and the person is "executed." He shows his card to everyone else and becomes a "Ghost." :angel: Then play another round - until all the Mafia are executed or the townspeople are dead (easily done once the doctor is killed).

That's it, sorry for the length -- hope you get it, anyway! This is loads of fun once people get into it, it became a favorite game in our group when we started it. It's even more fun if you use character cards to assign roles -- have a town priest or pastor, a town millionaire, actor, etc -- and if you have a really wild imagination for making up the storyline, like how a person got killed, how the Doctor tried to save him, how the spy was sneaking about at night. The "Ghosts" usually like to get into this part -- it makes everyone laugh when you have to keep reminding the Ghosts that they're dead and they're not supposed to be haunting the Town. :biggrin: :D