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03-20-02, 08:28 AM
Lets think about this. I think the Devil is gonna try to be where ever God isn't right? And if your not for Go, your against Him right? And if you don't love God, "something's" preventing you from doing so right? And since all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God, isn't sin of the Evil One?

Demons have free admission to people who are not in the Holy Spirit, because the Holy Ghost is the Protecter also. Angels encamp around those who fear the LORD, so where there isn't angels there is likely to be demons.

Praise Father Son and Holy Ghost
You have God or you have the Devil, there is no middle line, nor is there a stage of being lukewarm, you are HOT or cold.

Eternix or Ternix:angel:

03-20-02, 10:26 AM
This would depend on how one uses the term "have demons." Demons (bad spirits) are in the world and they bother who ever they can bother and control whoever they can control. Actions, decision and spirital gheritage may give a specific spirit more - or less- access to a person's life.

All unsaved persons are certainly not possessed by demons. To agree to that we would need to agree that every infant is born possessed or subject to possession inthe first miliseconds after birth since a newborn is obviously does not have the capacity to choose Christ as Savior. Instead we know that babies and young children are protected and covered in the attonement of Christ and go to heaven if they die befoe the age in which they have the capacity to make a decision for or against Christ. We can see from this alone that not everyone who is not yet saved is ruled by demons. There are also teens and adults who have not yet really heard or responded to the message of the gospel. Not all or even most of them are possessed or even seriously oppressed. Yes there is a choice that all may make. And yes failure to decuide for Christ is to decide for the devil but we must never ignore or rule out the fact that people are drawn to Christ in a timeframe, plan and pattern that we do not fully understand and can't control in someone else's life or even necessarily predict. To say otherwise is to belittle the working of the Holy Spirit and I've seen enough of your other posts to seriously doubt that you would intentionally do that.

03-20-02, 09:19 PM
Demons? Man that is ridiculous as to be laughable.

Most Atheists I know were former xains. They are not controlled by anything except reason and logic.

Why do you people think such nonsense?


03-20-02, 10:17 PM
Heres a lesson in tact:

Demons? I find the existence of demons to be illogical.

Most Atheists that I know use to be Christians. I do not think they are controlled by anything but reason and logic.

I must admit your views are foreign to me. How did you arrive at your conclusions?

The way I worded it more effectively communicates to the audience the point of view. The manner in which we post things often enough will determine whether meaningful dialogue will take place or not.

Your post did not really meet posting requirements here. Please try to convey your thoughts in a more appropriate manner. Thanks in advance.

03-21-02, 11:43 AM
Demons are very real, as real angels and God Himself. To deny the existence of demons is to say the bible lies and we don't want to do that do we?

Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
Rebuke the devil and he will flee.

Eternix- The Holy Enigma

03-21-02, 02:48 PM
Basic clarifications
1. There are many people in the world who are neither athiests nor Christians.

2. If the person posting considers themself an athiest they logically would want to claim the Bible is inacurate.