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angel collector
03-18-02, 02:56 PM
hey vinnie let me know what you think and if anyone else has an opinion it would be greatly appreciated thanks

The battle

This is a cruel, cruel world
Just you wait and see
How much the pursecuting really hurts me.

You mock me because i believe in GOD.
You make him seem like a fraud.

Just open your eyes and you'll see
the devil is just using you to
hurt the heart inside me.

I know what you say isn't right
I will try with all my might,
to turn your way of thinking around
so your soul will be found.

If you think your cool for persecuting me
I suggest you look at yourself
and tell me what you see!

I see someone who doesn't know right
from wrong
but who would rather follow along.

The devil is the enemy not me
believe and you'll see
If you just turn to GOD he'll set you free.

Im going to fight the battle
till i've overcome the devil.

I'll never give up
till you realize the devils gonna loose.

The time has come for you to choose,
Which path your gonna take
but choose the right one cause
the wrong one is a big mistake.

He doesn't want to see his children
turn away from him
so just believe in him
cause he believes in you!!

peace and love
live god loud!!

03-18-02, 05:35 PM
wow.. i like it... a lot..

03-18-02, 06:51 PM
Yeah, I really liked that too. It was sweet (slang definition of the word)!