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03-15-02, 11:04 AM
My Christianity Talk Forum
If any of you want to you can come,& join my inactive Forum.
Your more than likely will be reading a lot about my problems in the Forum titled Problems Talk,& if you do join,& can be of any help in answering questions are what have you it would be a big help,besides it's mainly myself,Yogurth,& 1 other person so far.
I originally created the Forum before I came accross the Christian Forums I came accross during the summer after The Christian MB closed down I created it on Xsorbit but now it never comes up so I recently recreated it on Proboards. Eventually I'm going to have it somewhere else but I need a lot of help with that as I don't know cgi when it comes to Ikonboard,I don't know a thing about setting up Snitz Forum,& it's hard to find space free for sites that has cgi that's free,& all I've found for .asp I need ftp for,& I don't have no ftp programs but not for this but my other Forums especially my TMJ Forum for my most important site.