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03-08-02, 10:43 PM
Heard Victor Mordecai on "Point of View", a talk show, on a Christian station in our area yesterday afternoon. Well heard part of his broadcast anyway. He was talking about a possible Islamic militant connection to the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City. Apparently this theory and some evidence for it far preceeds 9/11/01. Is anyone familiar with this? Can you tell me a bit about it? Or for that matter have you heard of Victor Mordecai and if so do you know if he is generally accurate or ????

03-17-02, 07:43 PM

This seems to add validity to his statements that more and more the Christians are under attack.

I'm still not sure what I generally think of this person and his ministry but these do seem to be things we need to think and pray about even If I would far rather not think about such things.

03-21-02, 09:30 PM
I went to hear Victor Mordecai about 3 months ago and found him to be quite believable in most of what he had to say. I think there probably was a Middle East connection to the OKC bombing. One thing I do disagree with Mr. Mordecai on is his belief that Israel's survival is dependant upon the United States. We who believe the Scriptures know better than that, of course. He seems to be searching for the Truth: my prayer is that he will soon find the Truth, the Way, and the Life...in the Messiah.

Don't know if you read www.worldnetdaily.com, but they have alot of good stuff on there.:)

03-22-02, 04:31 AM
What I don't understand is why the US supports Israel in the first place. Yes they are God's chosen people, but even He has not supported them at times. Israel is, I think, number one on our foreign aid list, racking around 11 million a day, if I remember correctly. Yet they seem to be doing the exact same as the nations around them, except that they're antogonizing and invading. They seem a brutal violent nation. In some areas Israeli soldiers patrol cities and streets, to protect their countrymen in places where the ratio of arabs to israelis is 30 to 1.