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03-07-02, 03:39 PM
When were you all saved? (Born again)

I was saved at my grandparents church in Kansas. They had this evangelist come through, and his name was Mike Pelpeteir. (sp???) I was pretty little, like 6 or 7, and I don't remember what exactly he preached on, although I know it wasn't about salvation, but God just got a hold of my heart, and I knew I needed to be saved, and so I went forward in the invitation, into those little side rooms, and I got saved.

Breni Sue
03-09-02, 02:45 AM
I was "saved" about 3 years ago at the church I currently attend, not too long after I was married. I was actually "saved" 2 times before that. Once at a Carmen concert when I was 16 (looking back, I think I probably only did it then because everyone else was doing it and I just wanted to be cool. ;) ), and again about 5 years later. But this last time was the 1st time I really felt it in my heart, and had a true passion for Christ. This time around, it is for real! :)

03-17-02, 09:55 PM
This is an old thread..but I figured I'd answer it now :)

I'm told that when I was three years old I said a prayer - and later when I was 7 I was baptized - though I don't actually remember praying. I grew up believing that I was a Christian. I was at church every Sunday and Wednesday basically. When I got the in the youth group I was highly involved. I was on leadership teams, I went on mission trips, I did everything. About the time that I was 14 I began to have doubts about whether or not I was saved. As I listend to a variety of speakers - it kept speaking straight to my heart saying, "Nicole, you need Me - you know all about me, but you don't know me." I got to the point where I would cry myself to sleep everynight because I was so confused. I tried to rationalize with myself telling myself I had to be a Christian because I did all this "good" stuff - all the while knowing that works did not earn salvation. At the same time I was seeing evidence in my life that pointed to the fact that I didn't have a relationship with Jesus - everything I did I did for the approoval of others. I read my Bible each morning so I could tell people I read my Bible. I went to church so that others would see me there. I went on mission trips so people would think I was a "good" Christian. But, in my heart, I had no relationship with Jesus - it was all a list of everything that I was suppose to do. I convinced myself I was a Christian - I convinced everyone around me that I was a Christian. At some point I think I realized that I didn't really know God - but then the wall of pride quickly went up. I went through this miserable torture that I was putting myself through for about a year.

Then, on July 18, 1999 I was at a summer camp with my youth group. It was the first night and I can't even really remember what the speaker spoke on. It was the same speaker however that we had had at a ski trip that January. In January he gave the testimony of his wife - which is very similar to mine. I knew in January that I needed to be saved - however I ignored it. This night however, it could not be ignored. He shared his wife's testimony again during the invitation and I basically made a bargain with God (don't recommend doing this - but I did it) I told Him that if He made me cry (I don't cry easily) I would get up and go talk to someone. Let's just say that in the next second I was crying so hard I could barely see to walk. I grabbed the girl next to me and asked her to walk with me - she gave me a nice shocked expression. I walked to the back and waited for my youth pastor to get there and then asked him to get another girl who I respected as a strong Christian. I went and talked with her, Bethany, and I managed to stop crying, and then I went and told her that I was just confused and I was a Christian (I don't think she believed me ;) ) She read some verses - I don't even remember what they were because God was having His own conversation with me - and I knew that it was finally time to let go of my pride and admit that I needed Jesus. I interrupted Bethany and told her that it was all a lie..and that I did need Jesus. She just looked at me and said, "you know what to do" and I prayed with the tears forming again..and for the first time I took my knowledge of Jesus from my head to my heart and had a personal relationship with Jesus. With that prayer the tears cleared up and I just started laughing - I couldn't belive the peace and joy that flooded my soul - it was simply amazing to me. After years of living in a self-created torture I couldn't belive this feeling of absolute freedom! The next night at camp when they gave the invitation I sat there waiting for the normal feeling of my stomach sinking and my heart beating fast that I had been experiencing for the past couple of years..and it wasn't there..I was so happy I just wanted to laugh..but it wasn't exactly the best time to laugh, so I just sat there quietly with a song of praise in my heart.

ok - well..that was a little longer than I intended - but there you have it, that's my story :)

03-18-02, 12:19 AM
^^^^What a wonderful testimony. I went through some of the same things before I got saved. Just out of curiosity, what camp where you at? And who was the speaker?

03-18-02, 08:07 AM
I went along to church when invited by a friend of mine. Seemed like as good a place as any to meet girls :)

Got invited on an HSC study camp (HSC is final year high school exams, like the SAT's i think), and had something of an encounter with God while sitting on a rock in the bush reading from titus and contemplating the world.

I went to the camp an atheist and came back a new christian.

9 years later I haven't look back.


03-18-02, 04:57 PM
awesome Jason! :)

It was a Student Life Camp and the speaker was

David Nasser (www.davidnasser.com)

03-19-02, 08:33 PM
I was re-baptized on January 26th of this year. It was after a week of prayer held at school. I really felt like I need to re-dedicate my life because for 1 school year I was firmly against my religion (Seventh-Day Adventist). I really realized how awesome God was and that I needed to center my life around him, and not myself.

03-19-02, 10:23 PM
Born and raised Catholic for 18 years. I remember thinking there HAD to be more. One morning in 1974, in my livingroom, I asked Him to come into my heart and make me whole. WWOOOOHOOO!!! It was awesome.

04-17-02, 03:51 PM
cant beleive their aint more testimonies on here they are encouraging to hear
n e way im glad someone elses was long.
i was first saved at christian union at school when i was 11 i had been going for a while and learning more about God even though i went to church with my mum nothing had really happened for me there. when i had first started school i was lonely and annorexic through cu i found friends in christians and i asked jesus into my life and slowly started to stop dieting and putting weight back on. it took about 3 years. i was then happily walking with christ until my mum died when i was 16. after that i got pretty screwed up because i was really close to my mum and didnt get on with my dad or little sister and my older sister lived a long way from me and was in a mess herself for a lot of reasons. anyway i just stopped turning to God without really realising it and now i dont know how. so i started to do other things to stop me from feeling depressed and to take the pain away, i started to drink and get really drunk or i would take solvents or weed if i couldnt get drunk enough of what i had. tho obviously this didnt work and started to make me feel more depressed or angry. things got worse at home there was a lot of arguing and anger but i couldnt hurt them so i started to cut myself. one nite i was drunk and i cut my arm deeper than i realised its the first time i really started to see where i was without God. after this my best friend started to ignore me and to hang around with my liitle sister and they both started just to shout abuse at me and call me things like fat well and a lot worse but its not a good thing to say to a former annorexic anyway at this point id started dieting again. I was so glad to get away to university when sept 2k1 came. I wanted to come back to God i had already re-comitted my life to jesus but just didnt seem to be there if that makes sense. when they had the freshers fair i signed up for christian union and the person asked me if i wanted to go to church so i said yes without a second thought. on sunday i person called alexia came 2 pick the 3 of us up that were going. i dont remember much about the service apart from having lunch in the coffee shop after and the people seeming really nice. i went the next week anyway and i just remember seeing everyone so touched by the holy spirit. i have grown so much in christ in the last few months and i felt peace since the first time my mum died when people at church prayed with me theyve really become my family. i went to counselling run by church too for a while which really helped because things are still not easy when i go home but my church and the leaders at youth group have always been there for me and i have met with God so many times and i know he is using me now. it is my baptism on the 28th of april and im glad to say ive given up alcohol completely now.

04-17-02, 10:10 PM
hey hey-- i'm really really busy with school & driver's ed now...


i'll try to remember this when things cool down.

i'd love to share my testimony w/ you all :)

04-18-02, 10:02 PM
i was 'saved' when i was 8 or 9... though i didn't know the signifance of my decision at the time. i was too little to fully understand what i had just done... and i just got up & kept on living the way i always have.

in late summer of 2000, i was consumed w/ thoughts of depression, though, afterwards, it wasn't what i had thought it was. turns out i had read and researched so so much on the topic, that i just convinced myself that i was depressed. something in me, out of the blue, just told me to pray. all i asked was for God to take this horrible, lonely, and empty feeling away. little by little, i started feeling so much better. within a few weeks, i had felt absolutely AMAZING-- that was the best feeling i ever felt in a long time.

i got to thinking, "hmm... i prayed to God, He heard me... soo... " & eventually, i was reborn. it wasn't something big, fancy, or elaborate. it was a personal decision that no one else influenced whatsoever. no one even knew about it. i think it was in early august that i became a reborn Christian.

when i first started out, things were really weird for me, and i struggled to face up with a lot of things that i realized i needed to drop completely in order to live my life the way i had dedicated to live it.

i've had one or two major 'fall-outs', rather... just where i was spiritually empty... but, other than that, this journey has been absolutely amazing & i haven't regretted it a single bit.

i'm so grateful that God revealed Himself real to me when He did, or i probably would've brushed it off and went on w/ my regular, sinful, daily lifestyle.

04-19-02, 02:40 PM
This is a funny thread for me to respond too. Orthodox Christianity sees salvation as a process, not an event (like the buying of an insurance policy or an indulgance). It is not looked at in legal terms.

I remember calling out to God at around age 7, was sealed in Baptism at 18 and am having my salvation completed even now.

I did not experience a real change in my life until about 18 months ago when I was introduced to the historic Church. Till then I had tried to be a good guy and do the right things. But over the last 18 months my perspective on life has changed. I see people as being image bearers of God (you cant love God and hate your neighbor), I understand my place as a husband and father sooo much better, my teaching has been revolutionized, I'm learning to love this life and not see the created world and this life as something that must be endured but something that is to be charished and lived! I now understand the purpose of worship and have experienced the presence of angels as I pray (my 10 year old son has seen them).
I've witnessed deliverence from demonic attack and physical healings. My life, a real crap shoot for 35 years, has purpose and direction. I get out of bed in the morning and dont dread the day ahead. I have something I've never really had before, joy!

I've been introduced to a real living God who loves me and takes care of me, things I'd been told for 35 years, but never SHOWN. And I've been admitted into His living, breathing body full of His physical presence. I see it for myself and am dying to SHOW people how they too can experience fullness in this life and beyond!

Glory to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen

04-19-02, 02:58 PM
I guess its time for the Multimom to speak up.

This could get lengthy but here goes.

I walked the isle when I was 5 years old. My dad was a Baptist preacher and I can't remember a time when my whole life wasn't consumed with the church and Church things.

My teen years were characterized by rebellion and disobedience. But finally along about the age of 17 I decided that I needed to grow up. I went off to college and I started to "sow some wild oats" I ended up in a rotten place from all of that (details omitted). At the age of 19 I realized that I had no relationship, no walk with God and I came to Him at that time whole heartedly.

I left collage and started working and at the age of 25 I married for the first time. While I was no longer experimenting with drugs my 1st husband was "quite an expert" if you get my drift. I married him out of rebellion to "my faith" and I remember not 3 weeks into the marriage praying "God you've got to get me out of this."

After the divorce I started really seeking God with all of my heart. I left my Baptist roots and headed for the "charismatic" relm. It was there that I found the "more" I had been so desperately searching for and I am now married to a man who loves God with all of His heart and we are serving God in a "faith" ministry. "By faith I mean, faith that God will provide." Hugs to you all and what great testimonies.

04-24-02, 03:17 PM
all ur testimonies r so cool but the best thing is were all saved now.
sorry toodles wasnt having a go at ne1 in particular i was just saying its encouraging i know not every1 has the time.

04-24-02, 10:40 PM
Ok, when I decided to follow Christ, I actually wasn't in a church or anything. I was sitting in my room and was thinking about testimony's that I'd heard. And I was just sitting there thinking to myself what is this " getting saved " all about? So I opened up my bible and looked up everything you could possibly imagine about getting saved so I could understand it and know what it was all about. And then I remember just praying to God to come into my heart and just having this feeling that he was there, in me, I could feel his love ya know? And then then next day,
( Sunday ) I went to churchand at the end of all our services we have a special time for people who want to come forward to be baptized. And I went up there, confessed that I loved the lord and believed in him and then well, I got baptized and I was saved! :)
And it was so cool becuase when I was being baptized, when I came up I felt just like a really cool loving feeling and I know for sure that it was God's love pouring over me! I love him and will never stop loving him! That day was the best day of my life. It changed me forever! And I love my life! And can't wait till the day he comes to rescue us!

05-01-02, 09:54 AM
I was saved about 18 years ago, and it has been a process, and certainly not an overnight one.

I first got drunk at age 8. I was smoking about 100 joints a week at age 14, and taking LSD. I was drinking an entire quart of whiskey every night at age 18. I had taken LSD hundreds of times by age 21.

I moved to Minneapolis from a small town, and took a job at a fast food place until I was able to land a better paying job, where a Christian girl who worked there named Sue, began to witness to me (and I strongly suspect she was praying for me as well, heheh). Praise God I began to become very disatisfied with my partying ways, and decided there HAD to be something more to life. I came to some life changing decisions, and decided I definitely believed in Gods existance, and that I definitely was NOT living the way He wanted me to, and that I had better do something about it. I gave my heart to Jesus while walking to the store, and the next few years of my life were the most miserable times of my life as the Lord dealt with me and changed me.

I am proud to say that I haven't gotten drunk in going on 12 years, married to a wonderful Christian woman, the father of 3 wonderful children, became a police officer at one point (not anymore tho) and I have a great job and a new home.

More importantly tho, I have a daily relationship with the Almighty, and love and serve Him with all my might. I am certainly not perfect, but I know the One that is. My 3 kids and I have a daily bible study which is the highlight of my day, and theirs too sometimes. I have had the privilege of leading a few people to the Lord, and even one guy in the back of my squad car as I brought him to jail.

Jesus is Lord!