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03-03-02, 10:08 PM
I visited Vinnie Saturday and found a vast improvement in his condition from my last visit.

Although he was feeling some discomfort, the feeling by all the doctors is that he will, in time, be back to 100%. He told me that they might release him as early as Monday.

He will be living with his grandmother for awhile. Once he is able to fend for himself, he is going to be moving into his new apartment.

Unfortunately someone stole his laptop computer. I do believe however that he will be able to communicate real soon to you via his grandmotherís PC.

I hope my updates were helpful. With all the love and support you show for people on this board, I can see why the Vincentís of the world are drawn to you. You really are a true reflection of Jesus. For that I thank you.


Breni Sue
03-04-02, 12:21 AM
Thank YOU Mark, for giving us all these updates! I'm very happy to hear that he is doing better and that the doctor's prognosis is good! Praise God! And I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that we look foward to hearing from him as soon as he is well enough! :)

God bless you, Mark! Vinnie is lucky to have someone like you who cares so much about him!

03-04-02, 10:37 AM
(Releating my other postin Praise)

Thanks for the news. It's great to hear that he is making a fast recovery!

I'm especially glad to hear that he'll be changing location to his grandma's house and then his own place.

Regarding the PC, Note to the Admins here, you probably should think about changing Vinnie's password. While the chances are small that it will happen, whoever ends up with Vinnie's computer will have the keys to the city here if you don't change his password.

03-04-02, 10:46 AM
I just sent Pam a page about it.