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03-02-02, 04:13 PM
I followed, to the best of my ability, God's will for me...
He sent me a woman - yes, it was God.
She chose not to follow God's lead.
I'm hurt.
God help me.
Pray God's will be done, as I do, and peace.

Breni Sue
03-02-02, 05:10 PM
Father, I ask that You continue to work inside this woman's heart and show her the one true way to happiness. Let her mind be open to the truth, that she may somehow be lead to salvation.

I pray also that You be with Keith and heal his wounded heart. Help him to always look to You for guidance and reassurance. Let him know that You have not given up on this woman's soul, and teach him to trust in You to work in Your own way to bring her to the cross. In Christ's name.

03-02-02, 08:12 PM
Lord, I stand in agreement. Continue to minister to Keith. Teach him, lead him and guide him. Heal this brokenness and fill the empty places with Your love and strength. Touch this lady with the urgent need to find Your forgiveness and cleansing. Let her know how much she needs Your presence and guidance in her life. Draw these hearts to the cross to lay down their burdens and be filled with Your love and mercy! in Jesus' name.

03-02-02, 08:15 PM
:angel: Father, We come in Jesus Name and ask for total healing in this family. Rebuke the devil out of the life of this family. Give Keith the Peace that passes all understanding. Fill all involved with Your Holy Spirit of Wisdom, Insight, and Understanding. Lord Jesus come close and bless Keith Greatly. Fill the woman with Your holy Spirit of Conviction. Agape. Grandpa.

03-02-02, 08:15 PM
Father please continue to help Keith recover and grow in You. Thank You.

03-12-02, 10:52 AM
The woman stopped showing her love for me. Completely ignored me for a week. Took off her engagement ring - no explanation. Lost my place to stay due to anothers self-righteousness - the worst of it is the way he treats her, as though he wants her for himself - along with his live-in wife. It's sick the way I was treated there! Now, I'm still in love, but back in FL. No work. No place to stay. I hurt so bad I'm not sure I can HEAR God, much less follow the Spirits promptings. God help me!

Can't see through the tears, got to go. Thanks, and God bless!:wah:

03-12-02, 06:46 PM
Lord You have the answer for this man. Open his heart and eyes to see what You have in store for him. He has only to ASK. Touch him. Show him the strength that can be his. Show him the Peace that You can provide. Minister and show him a victory WON. in Jesus' name.

03-13-02, 06:07 AM
Father please help Keith see and feel the truth that Jesus has borne his sorrows and his griefs. You are the God of all comfort. Please comfort Keith and help him. He needs to see and feel Your mighty love, love that is always faithful, always true. Please give him a safe place to sleep and work to do that he can do to earn the things he needs and people who will be nice to him and not hurt him more. Please make a way for him to keep working on his web pages and sharring Your truth that way. Draw him and guide him please into the place and plan You have for him and most of all please help him to see the Lord Jesus Christ more and more clearly and acurately each day. Thank You for Your love and care for Keith.