View Full Version : Lance and Pam

03-01-02, 02:47 AM
Father please continue to bless Lance and Pam, guide them in Your wisdom and lead them always in Your peace. Thank You.

03-01-02, 08:41 PM
Amen and Amen Lord! Touch their lives in every respect with Your provision, Your joy, Your peace and Your love! Hold them in Your loving arms always and bless them richly! in Jesus' name.

03-01-02, 09:42 PM
:angel: :angel: Father, I come in Jesus Name and ask for Holy Spirit Wisdom, Insight, and understanding for Lance and Pam. Bless them with the Peace that passes all understanding. Rebuke the devil out of their lives. Bless their endeavors. Keep them safe in these uncertain times. Agape. Grandpa.:)