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02-28-02, 06:06 PM

Lump of Clay

I am a lump of clay sitting on the shelf
wondering when my maker will come
and mold me
I see him walk by and pick up another
lump of clay.
I cry, “What about me, Master?”
Then I hear a soft gentle voice,
“Your time will come.”

But times goes on and I continue to watch
others who the master mold.
One day, as I continued to wonder, he
stopped and
carefully removed me from the shelf.
I rejoice in his attention to me
as he began lovingly mold me.
I will never forget this humbling moment.
My Heavenly Father is the potter
and I am the clay.

03-05-02, 07:52 PM
I sound really bad criticising poems...but....

first, a question.....
....are you reflecting on a particular aspect of your life? If yes, the poem is great as it stands.

The thing I was thinking about is that God is with us all the tim, we just don't realise it...so maybe you don't want to make the focus on "this humbling moment"?

But as I said, it all depends on the thought behind the poem! Very simply put....but deep!!


03-09-02, 01:31 AM
sorry for the delay, i just got back in town. i really like the poem. it really sums up the lack of patience and the discouragment we feel sometimes. but God is always right on time, His time. ;) great job. keep em coming.

03-13-02, 06:58 PM
Well, thanx for the e-mail....which makes my first statement stand!!!! It's excellent! Poetry is so ambiguous, that it's nice to hear a personal explanation from the writer. I've found that with all the poems I've studied. Hand a poem round a group of people and they'll all interpret it differently!

Thanx very much for sharing! As I said, it's pretty deep. I like!!!!!

God Bless