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02-28-02, 12:11 PM
Hello folks, my name is Tony Ford a web designer living in the UK. I am searching for a job in the field of web design for Christian web sites. anyone know where I can start????

I have over 10 years experience working as a designer and have developed many sites in my day. My latest work is for the church I attend Rutherglen Baptist Church (http://www.rutherglenbaptistchurch.org) .

My own site is now underconstruction because I want to make a name developing Christian Web sites. You can how ever have a look at my old site at www.tony-ford.co.uk/flash02.htm (http://www.tony-ford.co.uk/flash02.htm) to get a feel as what I have been up to in the past.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any leads for me or if you need a site designed


03-01-02, 01:11 PM
I don't have any work opening to suggest to you since the groups that I know of don't have enough financial resources to get someone with your expertise. However, I am working with a website that is for a Non-Profit Non-Stock Organization. If you don't mind just browsing it a bit and giving free advice. You are most welcome. I saw the old website, and the concept was very unique for me. You are probably a very busy person. But I am just hoping that you will even bother to reply. Thanks!

03-02-02, 06:15 AM
You didn,t post a link, I will gladly view the site and give some tips on how to improve it.

Basically what I want to do is use my expertise to help Christians and Churches better communicate with others and one-another through digital technology.

Many sites are overloaded with images and are not designed to help readers get to the information they want and need as quick as possible.

The site I mentioned in the previous letter Rutherglen Baptist Church (http://www.rutherglenbaptistchurch.org) is my first official project for God and I will continue to take great care in ensuring that all links and information are up-to-date.

My skills have been used long enough in selling and promoting everything else the world has to offer but now is the time that the body of Christ profit from what god has given me.