View Full Version : They found that precious child's body...

02-27-02, 08:22 PM
Lord, I heard just now that they found her body. I can't begin to imagine what this family is feeling. But You know Lord. You've been there. You had to stand back and see Your Son murdered. You had to watch them do all those horrible things to Him. You had to stay away when He cried out to You. You couldn't help. If You had, well, we wouldn't be here praying now.

Lord, You have the answers they need. You're the one who can get them through this terrible time. You're the one who can make sense of their lives again. You're the one who can help them put their lives back together. You're the ONE. Touch them Lord. Open their hearts to the strength and comfort You have waiting for them. If any don't know You yet, well, they need You SO much. Open their eyes to their need to FIND You! Save them, fill them with Your Spirit. Hold them close to Your heart and help them through this awful time in their lives. Walk with them every moment and let them know they are loved and cherished! Help them! in Jesus' name.

02-28-02, 12:58 AM
O Father please give the comfort strength and conviction the family needs to get through this and please let justice prevail, man's justice and also Your heavenly justice. Thank You.

03-01-02, 02:46 PM
Father we continue to lift up all those who love that child and ask You to minister to them as only You can.