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02-27-02, 05:43 PM
Because of the many request wanting to know how Vinnie is doing, I wanted to give you the latest information as of Wednesday afternoon.

The good news is that Vinnie got out of intensive care today. Considering how badly he was wounded, I think this is great progress.

If all goes well, Vinnie will have most of the tubes out of his body and he is hoping that he will be able to drink fluids by Thursday.

Obviously he is in a great deal of pain still and only God’s grace coupled with the large quantities of morphine help him tolerate the times he is awake.

To test his weakened state I tried to come up with a good debate (ok, I had to stretch) of why I thought the KJV is the only true version of the Bible. Vinnie is healthy enough to laugh at my feeble attempt and told me I had to do better. Already, Vinnie is getting back to his old self.

I printed out all the messages on the boards as well as your many e-mails to me. I read them out loud to Vinnie today and we both were moved. Quickly realizing we were both macho men, we blamed it on the fact that someone must of been cutting onions near the room.

Seriously, Vinnie wanted me to tell you that your comments mean the world to him and that he loves you guys. He showed me a couple of gifts that were sent to him already. Including a small teddy bear that when you push his belly, it says “What Would Jesus Do”. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Feel free to post or e-mail any other encouraging words. This is truly one thing that is keeping him going.

Thanks for all what you guys have done and God Bless,


angel collector
02-27-02, 06:07 PM
praise god mark tell vinnie i miss his posts
also if you know vinnies home address could you email it too me thanks


02-27-02, 06:37 PM

Thank you so much for keeping us informed as to Vinnie's condition. We really do appreciate it.

If you need a good debate topic for Vinnie, ask him if God can make a bowel so big that He cannot fill it.

Tell him that one came from Grizzly.

He'll get it :)

Thanks again


PS and tell him that if he doesn't get better soon, I will continue to come up with more discussion topics. That should get him up and moving in no time.

02-27-02, 07:03 PM
Thank you Mark for the update.

I'm happy to hear that Vinnie is doing better yet sad to hear that he is in so much pain still.

Please tell him that he has many friends at ILJ and Infidels.org that are thinking of him right now.

Also, tell him to be on the look out for a card or two heading his way. :)

02-27-02, 08:10 PM
Mark thank you so very much for the updates. I had posted in another thread asking if there was any news and then saw this (duh) . Pleae tell Vinnie that we love him and are praying for him. God bless you,

Breni Sue
02-28-02, 03:49 AM
Your updates are much appreciated, Mark. Please give Vinnie a big *HUG* for me. I am looking foward to seeing his sweet silliness around here again soon! :)

May the Lord be with you both.

02-28-02, 06:20 AM
Tell vinnie that I continue to pray for him and the apprehension of the guy who shot him ? Any news on that front ?

Praise the Lord it wasn't worse.


02-28-02, 08:53 AM
Tell him that this is not an acceptable way to get out of moderating the ODD forum!!


02-28-02, 09:22 AM

Please tell Vinnie that I haven't responded until now for a reason. I had to search my heart and was very disappointed with what I found.

Tell him that I am praying for him and that no matter what God is with him. I could not believe what I saw when you posted regarding this incident and I even went on a search to find an article in the paper there in waterbury (to no avail I might add).

He is missed terribly and needed here at ILJ. I believe his recovery will be remarkable and that in the proper time and season God will restore him. I am praying diligently that the person who did this will be caught and justice will be done.

Please give Vinnie a hug from me personally and tell him that I am thinking daily about him.


02-28-02, 05:36 PM
Thanks for the update Mark. I purposely sent him something he'll have to heal up to enjoy. Tell him to consider it an incentive.:)