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02-26-02, 09:26 AM
Now obviously you are offended by my presence or disturbed seeing as to how you always feel like you need to contradict me. But let me tell you something, you in your contradictions are trying to belittle me, and The Holy Ghost is in me and if God be for you who can be against you? "Bishop", why do you speak against the Lord's Spirit in me? I can't understand what have I done to offend you? And witchcraft? You accuse of servant of the Most Holy God of being dangerously close to witchcraft? Lord, have mercy! God blesses with gifts for His glory and I give HIM glory and you are in trying to put me down are taking away from God's glory. God works in mysterious ways, His thoughts are highjer than ours, in questioning my gifts your questioning God's omniscience. Please don't dislike me, I have nothing but love for all. God Bless You and Jesus loves you and I and the Holy Ghost I ask to be with you.

With grace,


Breni Sue
02-26-02, 10:35 AM
Eternix - if you wish to discuss personal disagreements like this with one of our members, then I suggest taking it to email instead of lashing out at them out in public. While I disagree with Bishop's debating of your spirtual gifts and even asked the people in that thread to refrian from singling you out, your atttitude is unnecessary. And accussing someone of being "disturbed" is a clear violation of the rules around here. It makes it difficult for me to defend your opinions when you lash out at others like this.

This is warning #2 for you, Eternix. I think you know what happens after that, and I sincerely hope that it does not come down to that. In the future, if you feel you are being unecessarily picked on, let me or the other mods know about it and we will be happy to take it from there.

Thanks ~ Kyrie