View Full Version : He's just a cat but he is very special to us, please pray for Mr. Blacky

02-24-02, 06:39 PM
Charles cat Blacky was missing for 2 days and came home with a severe injury to his eye. The vet says there is no way to save the eye and they will remove it tomorrow. It appears that someone did this to him deliberately since there are no other marks on him anywhere as there would be if he had a run in with a dog or another cat or even with a fence or bush and there is a toy gun that fires and a sharp stick in our yard where no one had a legitimate reason to be. Charles is realy struggling with anger on this. Blacky came with the place when we bought it from our former pastor who is now in heaven and he promised to take care of him. I know if he had not been outside this would not have happened but this is a very rural and normally safe area and he seldom left the deck and immediate yard. Blackie is a real sweetie, a cuddly, hot water bottle if someone does not feel well and a special friend to Charles.

Father I know You love Blacky too, You created him for Your pleasure as You did all things. Please help him now and heal him. I know there is no natural way to save his eye but You can do even that if you choose. He does not understand why when he struggled to come home we took him away but You can comfort him, please do. And please minister to Charles. This hurts him so much. If someone did this on purpose please let us find out and be able to have something done so they don't hurt another animal. And please give us the grace to forgive and respond in a way that honors You. Thank You.

02-24-02, 07:24 PM
Lord, hear this prayer for Charles and Mr. Blacky! Yes, he's just a cat but he's a special friend to Ann and Charles and means a lot to them. Hold him in Your arms during this hurtful and frightening time and tend to this eye as only You can. Touch Charles with a mighty RUSH of Your Spirit and relieve the burden he is carrying over this. Touch Ann with Your anointing so she can help Charles through this. And Lord - You know who did this. Put an end to this abuse. Whoever would cause a small animal such pain in, himself (or herself) in a great deal of pain. Take this person to the cross to meet Jesus - the one who can put an end to the pain! in Jesus' name.

02-24-02, 09:54 PM
:angel: :wah: Father, We come in Jesus Name and ask for Mercy and Grace in this senseless hurt. Bless Charles with the Peace that passes all understanding. Give all a special anointing of Your Holy Spirit.
Father, The Cat. This is not just a cat. This is a created being, warm, alive and hurting. Give a special Holy Spirit Blessing to the Kitty and Total Healing. Bless the medical people that are ministering to the kitty. Agape. Grandpa.

Charles & Ann: My own kitty came home 3 days ago looking like he fell into some kero or fuel oil. He looks really bad. We gave him a bath (Yes we did) and he did not like it. He still looks bad but he will survive I hope. Lord bless the kitty again. Grandpa.:)

03-01-02, 02:52 PM
Blacky is home. He is alive but his eye is gone. Thanks for all your prayers.

03-01-02, 08:44 PM
Lord thank You for bringing Mr. Blacky home. Let his little life be filled with love from Ann and Charles and restore him to good health. in Jesus' name.

Breni Sue
03-02-02, 03:54 PM
Yes, Father! Thank You for watching over Blacky! May he continue to be a blessing to his people and give them many years of love and companionship!