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02-24-02, 10:33 AM
myself and my boyfriend are going to be leading our cell group again this evening. it's a group of girls aged about 13-14, all varying in knowledge, faith, and maturity. i have now prepared the topic and activities for tonight.

i would just appriciate it if you could pray that they recieve God's message. as i posted before, one of the girls became a Christian a few weeks back. please just pray that she would be the first of many in this group.

please pray that myself and my boyfriend will be able to answer any questions that they have, and that this evening will glorify God.

it starts in about four hours.


02-24-02, 05:29 PM
well, the cell group has happened now.
i don't know if any of you prayed, but if you did, thankyou.
it went really well, and i'm really encouraged by how much prayer worked today. it really is best to ask God to help to plan and stuff. God's great.

although it went great, it would still be cool if you would just pray for the cell group. that they would be bold in their faith, and if they don't have a relationship with Jesus, that they would want and have one. and just generally for what i said before.


02-24-02, 07:13 PM
Father, I thank You for hearing our prayers for this cell group and for the anointing You have placed upon it. Continue to work in these hearts as they hear and receive Your Word. Continue to minister to each need and let each one know how special and important they are to Your family. in Jesus' mighty name.

02-24-02, 10:24 PM
:angel: :) Father, I praise You for these people who are ministering to this Youth Group. Give them Holy Spirit Power, Wisdom, Insight and Understanding. Guide them and keep them safe. Agape. Grandpa.