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02-23-02, 07:35 PM
Hey, thanks all for your prayers for Ryan. Now I have a request for myself. I find that I am having trouble dealing with my emotions. Particularly, I find myself attracted to my friend Mike who I met in some classes last quarter, so I spend a great deal of study and social time with him and a few other people. He is not a Christian so clearly for that and other reasons, he's not the right person for me. (BTW, he is not interested in me, which I know for a fact, so I at least don't deal with the temptation of entering a relationship that is not Christ-centered). The feelings I have for him sometimes frustrate me, and then I become angry that I am having feelings I can't control. And those angry feelings can be quite overwhelming sometimes. So I would like to request prayers that God would take control of my heart and my feelings. I'm praying and asking God to cleanse my heart of feelings that are not from him and asking him to make my heart holy; I'd just like to ask some people here to agree with me in prayer for that. Thank you and God bless.


02-24-02, 06:19 PM
Father please help Kathryn keep her thoughts and her wants in Your control. Please help her fill her life with Jesus and His truth and protect her from all things and all wants which would try to seperate her from Your great love. Please help her to have Your peace in her emotions and the full assurance in her heart that You want the very very best for her and are fully able to prepare her to receive it. Please give her things to do that will help her grow in Jesus and help her stay away from situatiopns that could hurt her. Thank You.

02-24-02, 07:18 PM
Yes Lord! Continue to bless Kathryn with Your wisdom and Your guidance. Keep her rooted and grounded in Your Word where her answers lie! Bless her richly, abundantly and thoroughly! in Jesus' name.

02-24-02, 10:19 PM
:angel: :) Father, I ask in Jesus Name for a special Holy Spirit Blessing for Mizz Kathryn. Give her the peace that passes all understanding. Bless her schooling, education, and job. keep her safe. All i ask in Jesus Name. Agape. Grandpa.