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02-22-02, 01:42 AM
Hey everybody I know I've been scarce around here, but I've got a prayer request that'll be more long-term than anything else but still I'd like direction.

After the first night I slept at someone else's place b/c my roommates invited people over and all were drinking, I decided I wanted to live next year with someone else (I can't get out of a lease right now). As I was discussing this with a girl in my English class, she suggested applying to be an RA (Resident Assistant) in one of the dorms next semester. Doing so would mean I'd have a room to myself (minimum value: $1800), 3 hours of work at the front desk every week, and a chance to reach out to people who live on my floor...oh and $100 a month (unofficial).

Either way i'm praying for discernment on this in the near future so I can get started working on it if need be. Either way I know God will provide me a way out no matter what.

Jesus loves ya'll,

02-22-02, 01:46 AM
please provide direction and guidance to Zech as he makes his decision Grant him wisdom and discernment and a peace of mind with whatever decision he makes. In your awesome name we pray,
************************************************** *
That sounds like a really good opportunity! :)

02-22-02, 04:24 PM
Father thank Younthat you promised that if we would ask You for wisdom You would give us all we need. Zech is asking so thank You for supplying in the name of Jesus. And between now and them, Lord, please handle things with his roomates. A large dose of salvation would help and until them a firm areement that none will make living conditions intolerable for the others. Thank You.

02-22-02, 06:27 PM
Amen and Amen. Lord, I stand in agreement for Your wisdom and guidance for Zech!!! Thanks for VICTORY for him Lord!

02-22-02, 08:08 PM
:angel: Father, We come in Jesus Name, asking for help for Zech. We interceede for him and ask that something be done to get him away from the drinking crowd. Bless his housing situation that all will be done right. Bless his schooling, education, and Job. Agape. Grandpa.

02-25-02, 03:11 AM
Well God's definitely saying "wait" if not "no". I heard from one source that I need to live on campus for a year, so ill have to get another job until then.

In other news I need to buy a new radiator for my car...and it's the time of the month when parents already have to give me $400 for rent and groceries for the rest of the month.

Thanks so much for your faithfulness to God!


02-27-02, 09:39 PM
Father thank You that Your word promises that YOu will supply all Zach's needs according to Your riches in glory in Christ Jesus and that certainly includes a new radiator. Thank You specifically for the money for that radiator or for a radiator itself being provided for him.