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02-21-02, 07:45 PM
Hey everyone,

I asked you to pray a few months ago for a very good friend of mine from high school who was going to film school in New York (Ryan). He was engaging in many self-destructive behaviors and really needed God. I asked many people to pray for him, and I myself prayed a great deal. A few weeks ago, Ryan started going to a Christian fellowship with some friends from his classes on Thursday nights!! And then last week, he also began going to their more intimate Bible study on Wednesday nights!!

Ryan still has issues with even believing in God--he feels it goes against his intellect. But I thank and praise God every day that Ryan is at least in a position where he is hearing the gospel. I would like continued prayers that God would reach into Ryan's heart through these new friends he is making and new things he is learning. It is so heavy on my heart that Ryan would soon come to know God.

Thanks :)

02-21-02, 07:56 PM
:angel: Father, In Jesus Name we lift up Ryan. He needs Your Sanctifying Power in his life. It is our prayer that he be saved by the blood of Jesus and Sanctified by the Holy Spirit. Father, pour Dunamis power on this situation. Bless the intercessor. Keep him safe and we hope for his salvation soon. Agape. Grandpa.

02-21-02, 09:56 PM
Father I thank You for this miracle of salvation. I thank You for opening Ryan's heart and mind to Your Truth - the reality of YOU. I thank You that his intellect is giving way to that part of You that wants to dwell within him. I praise You for Your faithfulness to our prayers and for this mighty victory! It's done! We have only to await the evidence. Praise Your Mighty Name!!


Great to see you kiddo! Hope all is well.

Lord continue to shine Your love and peace in this precious heart. Continue to meet Kathryn's every need and bless her with the fullness of Your wisdom and strength! in Jesus' name.

02-22-02, 04:27 PM
Father thank You for Your faithfulness in drawing Ryan to Vhrist and for all thoise who are cooperating in prayer, in living Christ before him and in sharring the gospel truth with him. PLease help him make a full surrender to Your love in Christ very very soon.