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02-20-02, 09:12 PM
comments would be greatly appreciated....

maybe its society
or everyones anxiety
maybe its the racists
all the two faces
perhaps its the rich
or maybe the poor
somethings happening here
we wanna know more

come together
look, we're falling down
the world around us is crumbling
and look at us now
we we gonna bomb next
who we gonna kill
the people dont care
all the bad people are over here

maybe its the immigrants
aliens and high jacks
flying aint the same
when ya cant get on the plane
it aint the Indians
theres no difference
color of skin
whats that matter anyways

interracial issues
death previews
youre white or you lose
no one cares now
stop speaking foul
your skin heads dont scare us
times change

come together
before we're gone
come together as one
its shouldnt take long
what will our kids say
my daddy was a member of the KKK
yeah he killed people
now its time for a change

come together
before its too late
our lives will end someday
wake up before its past time
come together

come together
Written by Allen Nail

02-23-02, 03:50 PM
I'm not commenting on your poem, but on your signature...

I don't wanna sound like a moan or a trouble-maker, but I kind feel as if it is a bit disrespectful to that poor American girl...!
Just thing it's a bit crudely worded....maybe it's a just something to do with the cultural differences, coz we didn't make such a big thing about it over here (in UK) whereas that might be a slogan used often where you come from...?

Let me know what you think, and tell me to shut up if you think I'm wrong!!!!

Hope I've not offended you


02-24-02, 03:08 PM
i am american... and i wasnt referring to her any whatsoever with that... im just saying if youre going to shoot me or kill me because i am a Christian, then go ahead and do so....

03-07-02, 04:31 PM
I'm an American, sort of...I'm a Christian and I'm a personlon before I consider myself an American.
But anyways, I think the statemnt is about being Christian, and if he meant it or not it does throw back to the girl from Columbine, but it also goes back to every other person that has ever died because of their religion. He's making a statement that I agree with.