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02-20-02, 06:04 PM
I was wondering who here likes Zoe girl? They're going on tour February 28 along with Natalie Grant, Phat Chance and Plus ONE.
I really haven't heard Zoegirl,except for one song!! haha!

Well, will ya all help me out? I'm promoting there new albumn, and tour and by clicking on this link gives me points.... please?

Thanks alot! God Bless ya all!!

02-21-02, 02:20 AM
Hardly know them, hardly heard them, but promoting their CD and tour. Hmmm, kinda, er, uh, how shall I say it, ODD!

02-21-02, 11:08 AM
I've heard " With All Your Heart" " Forever 17" "Dismissed" and one of the other ones... and they sound awesome. I listened to them yesterday... and I'm mainly promoting them because theyre going on tour with plus ONE....but i do like zoegirl now....and I wanna win the cd!

Chris B
02-21-02, 11:44 AM
Well, I've never heard ZOEgirl (but I've heard of them and like their name), and I can't say that I like Plus ONE... but I clicked that there link anyway :) Good luck with the CD.

02-23-02, 03:34 PM
I've never heard of them....but I don't know half the guys you talk about! I suppose that's what happens when you're away on the other side of the globe.

I've just clicked....let's hope there's some samples on it....

Erm.....I have to change my initial statement.....I've now heard of them!


03-15-02, 12:27 PM
I love Plus One! I just got their Obvious c.d.! It is so cool. I might go to their tour with Zoe GiRl as their special guest. I like ZoE GiRl alot too.

03-20-02, 12:14 AM
I used to like them alot... now, I dont know, they're music kinda gets on my nerves haha!

03-31-02, 03:32 AM
I have a really hard time swallowing some of these modern Christian artists.

I saw a documentary on TV just recently, which featured Jake, Plus One, Zoe Girl and some of their producers, and I have to say I was really disapointed. Most of these artists were quite shallow in their walk, and it was evident from the producers own admission that they were basically there to look good and to attract teenage girls (in the case of the boy bands) into the church.

If you compare these modern Christian artists with any of the great hymn-writers or song-writers of the past; these songs that vaguely talk about love, leaving us guessing if they are speaking to a girl or to God, really pale in comparisson.

One modern Christian band that plays regularly on our local Christian station (can't recall which band) Has a song with these 'inspiring Christian lyrics':
"Baby let me know how I can be with you, tell me what it is that I'm supposed to do, cause I'm falling apart on my own without you...."

THAT is what we're heralding as great Christian music? No thanks. If I want that kind of feel-good fluff, I'll just pick up an old album of New Kids on the Block or the modern N'Sync/ Backstreet Boys.


Chris B
03-31-02, 04:07 AM
I think Zoe Girl has a great name... I've never heard them, though. I did laugh out loud at a blurb about them in some magazine (can't remember where it was). It went something like:

"... their lyrics are uplifting and speak of controversial subjects such as abstinence and driving under the influence..."

Has driving under the influence always been controversial?


Hi Kristine, I remember you from the other thread here :) I think I might have spoken while asleep in that thread about Keith Green's music... I really haven't listened to enough of it to give it a fair review. I borrowed one of my sisters CDs which has a bunch of his songs on it, I'll post after I give it a good couple listen tos. Either way, [for me] lyrics are the most important part of a song. Good music is a taste and varies from person to person, but true lyrics are true no matter who you are. That said, I think music can really help in the deliverence of the lyrics.

I understand what you are saying about many of the Christian groups today (esp. the pop/teen bands). Unfortunately, lots of the time the shallowest ones get the most attention. I have found a few groups with true, honest, extremely edifying and powerful lyrics (many of which I find way more meaningful and applicable to my life than most hymns)... all put to crazy "contemporary" music.

I don't know if you've ever heard any of these groups, but I would like it if you would read some of their lyrics and let me know what you think. if you can't find the lyrics on the 'net anywhere, I can post a few of my fav. songs from each:

Five Iron Frenzy - 8 piece ska-core band from Denver, CO
Balaam's Talking Mule - also a ska band. From MN or somewhere. They do a great version of "We Will Dance (On The Streets That Are Golden)"
The Orange County Supertones - also mostly ska-core. From Orange County, CA.
Philmore - some kind of pop-punk-rock.
The Cross Movement - hip-hop.

I know there are many other non-shallow and dedicated Christian groups out there, but I find the above 5 to have especially meaningful songs. Let me know what you think. ok, this got a little off topic from ZOE Girl. sorry :cool:

04-28-02, 12:42 AM
I agree w/ Ashley. ( Jedidiah) I used to like ZoeGirl but now their music gets on my nerves. It's starting to sound more and more like britney spears. lol

05-03-02, 05:09 PM
Im so glad that Third Day hasnt turned into one of those groups that you cant really tell it apart from reg. music.

Their lyrics carry an awesome message, and you dont have to search for it.