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02-18-02, 04:24 PM
Hey guys and Gals,

Im new to this board but I tought I would start posting with this note. Some friends of mine have made a new CD called HOME. Its 13 acoustic and 2 band songs. The cool thing is that it is totally FREE. There are no strings. They just want to get the word out and are willing to do it at their own cost. Go to FREEDOMS-SONG.COM and check it out. Its not a professional CD but the sound is really great. Fill out the form and they will send you one for FREE. They really want to get out to play some shows for people so if you can help them in any way I am shure they would appreciate it. Thats Freedoms-song.com so please help them. Thanks peeps.:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

02-20-02, 04:33 PM
Free??? That's my fav word!!! tee hee hee :p

02-20-02, 04:36 PM
But not when it's an America only thing :wah:

Oh well, maybe one day charity will stretch this far :biggrin:

02-21-02, 12:12 AM
hmmm free.... music.... cool

03-18-02, 06:16 PM