View Full Version : For Theirs is a Silent Warfare - For Marilyn

02-17-02, 06:27 PM

You have called your children to battle, and battle we do.
You have ordered us into combat and we go willingly.

The enemy we face is one of great deception so much so that we are often deceived.

We stand with the breastplate of righteousness, the sword of the spirit and the helmet of salvation our feet wearing the gospel of peace.

But Lord those of us on the frontlines owe our lives to those who battle for us.

Those who battle on their knees to protect us from that deception, from that enemy that would destroy us. They spend their lives silently interceeding on our behalf. Their knees bruised from the time spent kneeling. Their eyes wet from weeping over our battles. Their hearts feeling every wound we bear.

Lord, help us to remember the prayer warrior, to honor them with our gratitude, respect them with our words. Remind us to pray for them as they pray for us, for in many cases they are truly our life blood for surviving the battle.