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02-17-02, 05:28 PM
Father, You know the young girl who posted about being emancipated. She's 16 and is supposed to become totally responsible for herself and her life. That's SCARY at 21. I can't imagine facing it at 16. Reach out to her Lord. Take her to the cross and show her what You did for her. Let her know that she doesn't have to do this alone. Save her and let her know that she has a FRIEND. Open doors for her and care for her! Let her know that You will be her guide now. Let her know that You will hold her when she's lonely and scared. Let her know that YOU will provide for her and never leave her side. Tell her Lord! Take care of her! I place her in Your care! in Jesus' name.

02-17-02, 05:40 PM
O Father Amen and amen. And please show us how we can help.

02-17-02, 09:02 PM
:angel: Father, I do not know much of what is happening in the life of this young lady but Father, You do. I ask in Jesus Name that You save and Sanctify Her. Fill her with your Holy Spirit of Wisdom, Insight and Understanding. Give her the Peace that passes all understanding. Guide her to a loving church family and people who will minister to her. Bless the intercessors, I pray in Jesus Name. Agape. Grandpa.