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Innocent Angel
02-16-02, 10:48 PM
This is a special prayer for kooki. I dont know who she was, but i know she was about 17 years old and she died recently. I received an email with her picture reading "remembering kooki", and from the email and writings, i got the idea she killed herself, and i got so sad, and i dont even know who she was. Today i found out that it was an accident suicide. She was only trying to scare people. I guess she drank too much hydrocloric acid, and passed away... Please pray for her soul
Dear Lord:angel: please take kare of kooki, even tho i didnt know her she didnt deserve to die, and i hope she learns, whatever she needed to learn. Even tho i dont know her, my sympathy goes out to her family:wah: Please let her soul rest in peace now, so she doesnt suffer with whatever problems she had. In Jesus name i pray, Amen:angel:

02-17-02, 10:16 AM
Lord my heart aches for this family. If they don't know Jesus then send Your Spirit in a mighty RUSH to open their eyes and hearts to Your forgiveness, Your salvation and Your peace. They need You SO much and it hurts to think that they might be facing this horrible tragedy alone - without You to comfort them. Be with them Lord. Use this terrible thing to bring many to Your cross to lay down their burdens and be washed whiter than snow! in Jesus' name.

02-17-02, 09:13 PM
:angel: :wah: Father I hurt for all involved in this situation. I ask in Jesus Name for the Peace that passes all understanding for family and friends of Kooki. Bless all with comfort. Help all to see Jesus and him crucified for the sins of all. Bless the intercessors.