View Full Version : need a new house

02-16-02, 11:10 PM
There is a family at my church who have a three year old and 9 month old triplets. Their house is pretty small - and they are quickly running out of room!!! The house's in the school district they want are very expensive, and the ones they can afford don't have the best schools. So, I'm sure they are probably having some difficulty making decisions - plus the fact that they have to sell the house they have now.

Father, please be with this family. They love you so much and I know you will provide for their needs. Give them wisdom and direction in picking out the proper house with the right school and all the details. Bless this family - they have been such a blessing to me.

02-16-02, 11:34 PM
Father, please bless these servants of yours and meet all their needs. Amen.

02-17-02, 11:14 AM
Father meet this need! Take this family where You want them to be and provide for every need. Continue to bless them with every provision for the children and help them all to grow and mature in Your love and wisdom, in Jesus' name.

02-17-02, 10:19 PM
:angel: Father, Here is a situation that needs Mercy and Grace. I ask in Jesus Name for a great Jesus Blessing on this family. Grant that they can find a good house where they need for it to be. Bless the intercessors. Lord Jesus, Bless greatly. Agape. Grandpa.