View Full Version : very nervous about heart surgery for friend :(

angel collector
02-16-02, 10:53 PM
my friend jennifer in school is having heart surgery soon and shes really nervous about it as am i i just recently made friends with her and shes so nice. anyway the reason shes having the surgery is b/c when she was younger she had to open heart surgeries and when they did the first one she got a blood clot and she went back for the second surgery and they left a hole in her heart. which they have to fix now b/c if they dont and she gets another blood clot it could cause her to have a stroke (which is bad) mind you she is only around 19. i think her surgery is for march 13 but im not sure please pray for her thanks i think she knows god too but im not really sure


02-17-02, 11:12 AM
Lord, Jennifer and Andrea need Your help. Jennifer needs to know Your healing power. Andrea needs Your assurance that You have heard her prayers for her friend and have answered. Minister to both of these hearts today. Provide for these needs and grant them both a keen awareness of Your presence and intervention in their lives. Bless this friendship with many opportunities to share and grow in Your Word. Bless them both RICHLY and shower them with Your Spirit, in Jesus' name.

02-17-02, 10:25 PM
:angel: Father, I come in Jesus Name asking for Total Healing for Jennifer. Bless her with the Peace that passes all understanding. Give a great blessing to the intercessor and all family and friends. Father, Guide all medical people who are ministering to her.