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02-16-02, 02:05 PM
good morning star
how are you
i am fine
maybe a little blue

excuse my eyes
yes those are tears
im trying to push aside
all those years

its so bad
washing away the life
living for tommorow
when we will die

excuse my eyes, to your surprise
those are tears running down my cheek
its just i lived only to give
ive lived for the end of the week

good morning star
how are you
i am good
im understood

i have a friend
yeah shes so great
i look to her
and im amazed

good nite moon
ill see you soon
just help me to live
help me to give to you

Written by Allen Nail

02-16-02, 04:18 PM
also nice. i'm still kinda processing that one. :) thanks for sharing! and keep them coming!