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02-16-02, 01:37 AM
Hi. My friend "M" spoke to her sister "C" on Valentines Day morning and "C" told her how she wanted to go shopping soon to get "M"'s baby daughter an Easter dress...they hung up and the next "M" heard, her sister "C"died in a traffic accident.

"M"has been prone to manic depression in the past and her husband heaped shame on her for taking anti depressants, saying she should have enough faith to overcome her problems without pills so she stopped taking them a couple years ago. (I have no doubt that God can and will heal people from depression but until that happens, medication can help. Especially since "M" had tried to take her life before, I wish her husband would be more understanding.) They have five children under 10 years old.

"M"and her sister were very close, please pray for her to be o.k. and cling to Jesus through this. They are Catholic but I don't know if Jesus their "personal" savior cuz I haven't asked but obviously that is the most important thing. Thank you for praying! We give God all the praise and glory, thank You Lord!

02-16-02, 07:11 AM
Lord M needs Your help! She needs Your salvation, Your comfort, Your strength and Your healing. Send her a RUSH of Your Spirit. Open her eyes to Your Word which is TRUTH. Draw her to Your cross to lay down her burdens and be made whole. Let the Light of Your Redemption shine in these hearts. And anoint Theresa that she might minister Your plan to them! in Jesus' name.

02-16-02, 02:18 PM
Lord please comfort and heal 'm'.
Father thankYou for giving 'm' the gift of being 'c's sister. now Lord please bring good out of this tough time.
Father You know what is best in this situation.
please let Your will be done, and please have mercy, and pour out Your love to the people involved.

02-16-02, 09:30 PM
:angel: :wah: Father, Here is a family situation that has many hurting people in it. In Jesus Name, I ask that You rebuke the devil out of this families life. Bless all with Your Holy Spirit of Comfort. Bless all with the Peace that passes all understanding. Lord Jesus, Come close and bless greatly. Agape. Grandpa.