View Full Version : multiple deaths

02-15-02, 01:36 PM
i just found out that 4 people from one of the highschools up north (in Lafayette, Indiana where i'm kinda from) have died in the past week. and yesterday a guy i went to highschool with (Jeff) had a seizure at work and died as well. this is bad. very bad. that's a lot of affected lives. Jeff was married even, his wife is a senior in highschool. i think prayer is in order... God can fix it.

02-15-02, 06:17 PM
Im definitely praying for you.

02-15-02, 07:30 PM
Lord touch these lives that have been so devastated by these losses. Many don't know You and don't know how they'll get through this. Many are looking to You to guide them on this sad path. Whatever the need, make Your presence known. Let each heart know the lengths You went to so they wouldn't have to walk through this alone. Open their eyes and hearts to Your Word and bless them with a powerful revelation of Your plan for their lives! in Jesus' name.

02-15-02, 08:03 PM
:angel: Father, When people pass on it is always a hurting situation. Bless these people with Your comfort and Understanding. Grant that lost people will think of their future and Jesus as Lord and Savior. Lord Jesus come close and bless greatly. Agape. Grandpa.