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Breni Sue
02-15-02, 04:39 AM
Hubby and I are leaving either tomorrow night or Saturday morning for Cleveland OH to pick up some door panels for his Mustang. I know, it's a long drive just for car parts, but he got cheated last time from another guy and never got the stuff he ordered. This time he is making sure he gets it! ;) From there we are going on to Erie PA to visit a couple friends of mine that I have not seen in like, forever, and do a little site-seeing. I almost never get out of the house (OK, besides work and shopping!) so I am very excited to be actually going someplace fun for a change! :D

I pray that the good Lord will guide us safely on this trip and bring us back in one piece. (I am making him drive because interstates cause me to go into panic attacks, LOL) We should be returning sometime Sunday night if all goes well. For those who need prayers, I will continue praying for you. I will be thinking of you all.

I am trusting that Vinnie and LeAnn will keep a good eye on this place while I am gone, so behave.....or else. :stinkeye: :smash: ;)

Love ~ Bren

02-15-02, 08:31 AM

I know what you mean about getting burned on car parts. My father-in-law got burned by a dealer. He had some problems with I believe the clutch going out and a job (had he ordered his parts from 5.0 magazine, as I'm sure your husband reads this "publication") he let the dealer provide everything.

An job that should have cost him about $600 ended up costing him almost $1500 dollars.

I guess it behooves us if we "order" parts that we make sure its a reputable parts house. You know your hubby could sue the rip off artists.

Any way have a good trip and God's traveling mercy on you both.

Breni Sue
02-15-02, 11:21 PM
Yeah, he has already discussed taking the guy to small claims court. But, since he purchased the parts online, it might be kind of tricky. Plus the guy lives way out in CT. So it may end up being more trouble that it is worth. We will see.

Well, I'm off now. Have a great weekend everyone! :)

02-16-02, 12:14 PM

You might also try contacting the local police in his area. (The guy that ripped you off because this is actually considered larceny, which is a crime.)

If he didn't you might encourage your husband to keep copies of every e-mail correspondence when there is the intention to purchase goods and services.